The Art of Decorating houses with Christmas Stockings

The tradition of decorating homes with Christmas stockings dates back to the early 19th century. Stockings are filled with toys, candies, different types of fruits, and other goodies. Children, as well as adults, cherish this tradition.

Kids love hanging socks or a Christmas stocking above a fireplace during Christmas. Your parents might have told you that Santa Claus comes to every Christmas Eve to present toys and goodies if you behave well.

But have you ever thought about how all that began? How did people start thinking of hanging stockings to decorate their homes? Probably not. Let’s find out everything you need to know about Christmas stockings and find out why decorating your houses with Christmas stockings. In addition to that, we will also share a few tips on decorating your homes with Christmas stockings. You can check a lot more Christmas decorations at Polar X Ornaments.

So stay tuned and continue reading this guide to discover everything you need to know about Christmas stockings.

What is a Christmas stocking?

A Christmas stocking is a bag, or an empty sock hung above a fireplace on Christmas Eve. It is believed that Santa Claus comes to fill these socks with toys, candies, and goodies during Christmas Night for kids who behaved well throughout the year.

This tradition began by hanging actual socks and stockings on the mantles. However, these days, people use larger and personalized sock-shaped bags.

How Did the Tradition of Christmas Stockings Originate?

There are various theories regarding the origins of Christmas stockings; however, all of them revolve around Santa Claus. It is believed that Santa secretly wanted to help the poor families. Hence, he threw a few precious gold bars into their house through the chimney. The gold fell into a sock that was drying over a fireplace. The following day, the family was astonished to find a “gift.” That’s where the tradition of hanging stocks over the fireplace comes from.

This tradition has been cultivated in Australia for many years. Checking stockings in the morning is one of the most exciting and enjoyable Christmas memories.

What to Put Inside Christmas Stockings?

Traditionally, people fill up their Christmas stockings with fruits, coins, toys, candies, and other similar gifts. All these things are named stockings.

How to Make Christmas Stockings?

Apart from buying Christmas stockings from a store, you can also make these stockings from the comfort of your home. Making personalized stockings is easy and involves a lot more fun. Even your kids will enjoy this healthy activity. Here are few tips on making your own Christmas stockings.

Stuff Needed

You will need the following items.

  • Assorted Felt Paper
  • Pinking Shears
  • Embroidery floss
  • Assorted pompoms
  • Scissors
  • Color the blanks stockings
  • Plain burlap stockings
  • Plain red stockings


Here is the procedure of creating your own stockings

  1. Take the felt paper and draw the shape of your stocking
  2. Use the scissors to cut your felt paper as per the guide you drew
  3. Sew together two felt paper sides using embroidery floss for making the base of your Christmas stocking
  4. Using picking shears, pompoms, and glitters, add your favorite design on the stocking
  5. Hang the stockings on the mantle and allow them to dry

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