Suggestions for Decorating Your Binders and Notebooks for Maximum Productivity

Feng Shui is a doctrine idea that incorporates ideologies from ancient China. Although it is not designed or decorated, its concepts and philosophies can serve as a source of insight. It can be used to design a space, and it can also be used to apply fundamental design features like light and feng shui colours, majorly comprising natural lights. It is primarily a connection with nature and the natural world at large.

The Conventional Approach

Utilizing natural light can increase our qi and energy. To help your body wake up and sleep at the correct times, it’s essential to respect your circadian rhythm and let natural light in. Yang energy is the natural bright light which gets us in the active and energetic space, whereas Yin is a dull and dark light which is calm and passive. Herein Feng Shui creates an optimum balance between the two so that none overpowers the other.

Express Painting can be used to give your space a quick makeover to create the right kind of energy and vibes for the better well-being of the occupants. It believes in the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. And also the qi energies which make up for us and the environment. Every component has a unique signature and set of qualities. Utilizing these colours, shapes, and materials in your decor is one way to introduce the five elements’ energy into your home. Specific shapes, colours, and materials can also represent the elements.

The Qi-Energy

Herein, we consider how qi, or energy, moves around a room. Observing the layout can use this principle when planning a space. One thing that is generally checked for is whether the dominant piece of furniture in a room is placed in a crucial place. This is essential for beds, desks, and stoves in particular. If these things are in order, when you’re sitting at your desk, cooking on the stove, or lying in bed, you should be able to see the door without being directly in front of it.

Being in charge makes you more relaxed subconsciously because you are more aware of your surroundings and anything that could be approaching you. By better positioning the opportunities and obstacles, one can be prepared. We also consider the way a space is generally. To help nourish the home’s occupants, you should have open areas where it can gather. If a room is crammed very closely together, there isn’t enough room for the qi to move around freely. Stagnant Qi, as a result, may represent barriers or blocks and will not be able to work as it should.

The Traditional Chinese Theory

Although the philosophy and its practices date back more than 4,000 years, feng shui has deep roots in both contemporary Chinese and western cultures. The principles of feng shui are used in almost every aspect of modern life today.

It heavily emphasizes the individual’s intuition rather than solely relying on design decisions, as indicated by the five elements and polarity. When it comes to the colours, shapes, textures, and placement or arrangement of objects in a space, it gives the user more freedom of choice, leaving much of the design up to personal taste, artistic balance, and modern design elements than the traditional principles.


We can now see and convincingly be driven by the conservative patterns of the Feng Shui way of ideals. It is also very much prevalent today due to its popularity amongst people.

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