3 Ways To Generate Additional Business With Thank You Cards

If you own any business, you already know that operating and owning a company is much more than just turning a profit. Owning a business can come with several pitfalls and risks of all kinds. From security to asset protection and risk mitigation, you must always be aware of things that can threaten your business, your employees, or your livelihood. To turn a successful profit and maintain a sustainable business, you have to protect it against loss from both outside sources and within your organization.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might be exposed to any number of risks. Gas stations, bars, restaurants, and other late-night establishments, for example, are often subject to more crime due to their hours and staffing. Larger stores and service businesses might be at risk for theft or vandalism that could mean costly repairs.

Additionally, if you have a large volume of foot traffic in your business, you might have slips, trips, or falls that could amount to losses for your business. Having asset-protection elements such as surveillance cameras will help deter many incidents and can assist when trying to document events or claims. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of asset protection and surveillance.

Asset Protection

An integrated asset protection solution uses cameras and other surveillance technology to help mitigate the risks your business faces. Depending on the nature of your operations, there are specific inherent vulnerabilities that exist within your business. From problems with employees to threats from the outside public, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your business. Asset protection solutions like security cameras will help you create a transparent workplace that will provide you and your employees with peace of mind.


One of the main benefits of asset protection measures is crime deterrence. Potential criminals will notice that you have taken the steps of monitoring your building and assets. From loss prevention to burglaries, video cameras can serve as a significant deterrent if the person thinks that you can catch them in the act. Your employees will also be aware that you are watching and will be less likely to act inappropriately.

Although break-ins at businesses occur at approximately half the rate of home burglaries, businesses usually suffer heavier losses when they are burglarized. With enhanced security features and surveillance both indoors and outdoors, you can help mitigate any potential problems.


Customer and employee safety and security are among your top priorities as a business owner. From your parking lots to the dumpster area, asset protection solution security systems can help provide peace of mind for your customers and employees. Most surveillance technology today can even operate in low lighting and with minimal connectivity. Adequate surveillance of your parking areas and other outdoor locations can reduce the risk of vehicle break-ins and vandalism, as well as increase the personal safety of all of your stakeholders. Additionally, your enhanced safety system will help immediately identify any suspects should an event occur.


Slips and falls are a significant source of liability claims and financial loss for businesses. While many of these claims made by customers and employees are legitimate, there are cases of fraudulent accusations. With effective surveillance, there is less likelihood of a false claim succeeding. If you have the proper asset protection solutions in place, you can pull up the video for the area where the incident occurred and verify the circumstances and events surrounding the situation. You’ll also be able to save the video and share it with investigators and insurance companies as needed. This technology will help you settle any liability claims and ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

With adequate asset protection technology in place, your business will be safer for your customer and employees, and your livelihood will be protected against crimes and false claims of liability.

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