The Benefits Of Longtail Keywords In Your SEO Strategy

Choosing the correct keywords is vital for the success of your marketing campaign. You will need to include longtail variations of your primary keywords. There are many benefits to doing this, and it can help cast your net further and drive more traffic to your website. Below are some tips and information on why you need to incorporate these into your strategy.  Doing so can help ensure the success of your campaign and drive sales for your business.

What Are Longtail Keywords?

 Longtail keywords are also known as low hanging fruit, and they are keywords relevant to a business with lower search volumes but higher user intent. If your company sells Ford cars, you will want to incorporate Ford cars into your keywords, and a longtail variation of this might be “cheap Ford cars for sale in Melbourne”. Someone searching the term Ford cars may only be looking for information, whereas someone searching for the longtail variation above is most likely looking to make a purchase. You must consider the user’s intent and what they may be searching for when typing their query into the search engines so you can gain an advantage and drive traffic to your website.

Finding Longtail Variations Of Your Keyword

Whether you are doing the keyword research yourself or using the services of a reputable Brisbane SEO agency or SEO service provider in your area, you can easily find lots of relevant longtail keywords for your SEO campaign. You can use many tools, and all you need to do is type in the primary keyword and then look for longer variations of this. People are more precise with the keywords they input now when searching for something, whereas ten years ago, they may type three words in the search. Nowadays, it is common for people to use as many as eight words in their search. Look for phrases that have intent and are not something someone would type in when doing research.

Add These Longtail Variations To Your Web Page

When you have done your research and selected the most appropriate longtail keywords for the page you are working on, you will then need to include these in the content on the page. You will want to use your primary keyword in the Page Title and H1 Header of the page, but you can add the longtail variations in other headers and in the content. Ensure that you use them naturally in the website content and do not force them in, so they sound unnatural.

The Benefits Of Longtail Keywords

The Benefits Of Longtail Keywords In Your SEO Strategy

Although there are fewer searches for the longer tailed keywords, there is also less competition, so they are often easier to rank for and can drive relevant traffic to your site. Although you will still need to incorporate the primary keywords with the higher search volumes, the longtail keywords are still valuable and can benefit your business. You will find the users can find your website for a wider variety of keywords and help you to gain more traction in the search engines with your campaign. If your website does not include longtail keywords in your marketing strategy, you are missing out. You may find your competitors are reaping the benefits, leaving you behind.

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