The Benefits of Pop-up Campers Explained

This article will convince you that you need a Pop-Up Camper in your life – 5 amazing benefits! 

Camping is more popular in America than it has been in decades, with estimates suggesting that 75% of the people going camping this year will be doing so for the first time. 

This means that many of you reading this piece have never been camping before and are having to make the difficult decision – tent, traditional camper, or pop-up camper. 

Here we are firmly on team pop-up camper. 

And we hope that we will be able to get you to join our side by the end of this article. Pop-up campers have so much to offer and they really do offer the best parts of the other two options combined. 

You will feel as close to nature as you would in a tent, without having to sacrifice the luxuries offered by a camper (including being able to sleep in a bed). You can travel in your own car, just like with a traditional camper. However, you don’t have to worry about the weight of the pop-up camper permanently damaging your car. 

By the time you finish this article, we think you will be just as in love with pop-up campers as we are! 

#1 – The Price 

There are many benefits to choosing a pop-up camper over both a traditional camper and a tent. But, let’s kick this list off with the biggest benefit of choosing a pop-up camper – the price. You can purchase a pop-up camper for a fraction of the price of a traditional camper.

While pop-up campers don’t come with kitchens or bathrooms (we’ll explain why this is a benefit later) so you may have to buy a few extra pieces of equipment to take away with you. That being said, even with the extra purchases included the average pop-up camper still comes in at a quarter of the price of a traditional camper. 

#2 – The Portability 

When we’re talking about reasons to buy a pop-up camper, we simply can’t skip over how portable these types of campers are. 

You’re probably looking at that statement and wondering, aren’t all campers meant to be portable. Yes, they are meant to be easy to transport. However, many of the larger and heavier campers fall short on that front. 

Pop-up campers are so easy to transport that you could tow them behind a vehicle as small as a motorbike if needed. 

Don’t know where to start looking for a pop-up camper, check out Camper Guide’s 10 best pop-up campers here –

#3 – The Weight 

Another huge benefit of choosing a pop-up camper is its weight. We’ve already talked about how portable it is, but in this section, we want to talk about how its low weight makes it a great choice for the tower. 

Traditional campers are fairly easy to tow, however, they are really harsh on the vehicle that is towing them. They reduce the lifespan of the tires on said vehicle. Over time they damage the suspension system and the shasy. They also cause the vehicle’s brake discs to wear down a lot faster than they would otherwise. 

If you want to be able to tow a camper, without damaging your car – a pop-up camper is the best choice for you. 

#4 – The Setup 

Some of you are reading this and thinking, ‘okay, I can see that a pop-up camper is better than a traditional camper. But why don’t I just save myself some money and get a tent.’ 

Firstly, the sleeping space in a pop-up camper is far superior to a tent, but more on that in the next section. 

Secondly, there are no tents that are easier or quicker to set up than a pop-up camper. Once you reach the campsite you can have your camper set up within 5-10 minutes. 

#5 – The Sleeping Space 

One of the major benefits (and our personal favorite part) of having a pop-up camper is all the space that is usually taken up by toilets and other facilities in a traditional camper is dedicated to sleeping space. 

Yes, that’s right you can enjoy the magic of camping and still sleep in a double bed with your own duvets and pillows. On top of that, you have four sturdy walls to keep you warm and dry. 

The pop-up camper gives you more sleeping space than any tent or traditional camper ever could. If that doesn’t win you over, we don’t know what will. 

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