The Benefits of Using a Professional Employer Organization

In the 21st century, running a business isn’t easy. Not only do you have to deal with coming up with a great product/service, overcoming competitors, and advertising, but you also have to deal with this strange world of SEO and digital marketing. It may be too much for some small businesses to take.

This is why many businesses turn to a certified PEO (professional employer organization). A good PEO company will work as a co-employer with your company. They’ll manage your administrative tasks, dealing with your payroll, benefits, and workers comp — things that you might just not have time to worry about.

But this still leaves a question — why should I hire a PEO service. If you’ve found yourself asking this question because you’re not entirely convinced, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through some of the great benefits of hiring a great PEO company.

Better Benefits 

To put it frankly, the best PEO companies will help you afford the best benefits for your employees. They work with a wide variety of customers, so they’re able to afford top-of-the-line medical care.

Working with a PEO means providing customers with mental health care, healthcare plans, life/disability insurance, and retirement plans that can compete with fortune 500 companies. This will encourage your workers and make them feel more appreciated; workers who feel appreciated work harder.

On top of all of that, think of all of the wonderful new employees that offering these competitive benefits will attract. It can be tough for small businesses to compete when they’re not able to provide the best healthcare or employer paid long term disability insurance. Partner with a PEO company, and you’ll soar above your competition.

More Time 

When you hire a PEO to take care of the grunt work that most HR people have to go through, you save time for those people in HR to devote to other tasks.

PEO takes care of payroll, which means they’ll be able to handle the pesky tasks of tracking hours and paying employees. They’ll also be able to easier handle the specifics that go into granting employees workers compensation, leaves of absence, handbooks, and training managers.

Payroll Compliance  

Speaking of payroll, the advantages of having someone handle your payroll can’t be understated. Federal laws about payroll are constantly changing; you don’t want to find yourself landing in hot water just because you didn’t have time to keep up with the latest developments.

Hire a great PEO company to take care of your payroll, and save yourself a headache. We found a great PEO company called the Avitus Group. For more information, go here now.

Invest in Professional Employer Organization 

Let’s face it — a professional employer organization might be just what you need to optimize your business.

Running a business is hard. Don’t let the grunt work get in the way of your HR job. Hire a PEO, so you can focus on the ever-growing list of tasks at hand.

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