The best AB testing tool for Amazon sellers

Customers are more likely to buy a product from an online retailer if they use Amazon’s A/B testing feature. Sellers run variations of their product listings on Amazon, gathering data over time to determine which listing generates the most conversions and revenue.

Amazon image optimization may seem simple, but there’s more to it than you think. Using actual consumer feedback, in this post, learn how to split test your Amazon’s primary picture.

The process of setting up an Amazon shop may be daunting. Everything from finding suppliers to learning about shipping and marketing may be overwhelming. You also run the risk of your product failing to sell despite all your efforts.

I’m going to show you how to use split testing to obtain the results you’re looking for. The main picture on Amazon has a huge impact on your clickthrough rate, therefore I’ll teach you how to split test it.

What is A/B Test or Split Test”

When you compare two versions of your listing it is known as A/B testing.

Amazon split testing tool

Some of your website traffic will be directed to one version of a web page, while another portion will be directed to a different version of the same page in the traditional split testing method. This allows you to compare the behavior of different groups of website users. Visitors to these pages may be directed to them through Google or Facebook Ads, email segmentation, or landing page software.

Split testing on Amazon, on the other hand, gives you a lot of control. By rotating listings over time, you may avoid directing visitors to several versions of listings at once. To split test your Amazon main picture, you would update the listing with Option A for a specified length of time (for example, one week), then rotate Option B as your main image for the same time.

You may learn more about your consumers by comparing performance data like CTR, session rate, and sales.

Several excellent tools are available to make split testing simpler. As I describe the five stages to effectively split-test your Amazon main picture, I’ll highlight the main focus of this post as well.

1.     Choose what to test first

This stage is simple since we’re evaluating your Amazon main picture! Just make sure you capture great Amazon product pictures and choose the best ones to test. Aside from the product title, description, and A+ content, you may also split-test other aspects of your Amazon listing.

Only one variation between the two images is required for a successful split test. When it comes to presenting your goods, a little change may make or break it.

If the Split-testing revealed that the second picture prevailed by a wide margin after many rounds of comparisons. We know this because the pictures were evaluated on, which I’ll explain in more detail shortly.

Although the findings will be clearer if you just test one item, you may also try with pictures that are different. To split test your images, you’ll need to choose how you’ll do it and what tools you’ll need.

2.     You’ll need to choose a testing method.

Split-testing tools come in two major types:

  • Those that test on Amazon’s platform
  • Those that enable you to test listings outside of Amazon in private

Your marketing plan should include both. You must have at least a few sales each day to do live ab testing.

If you don’t, your split testing won’t provide you with enough information to make a good decision. This is particularly true when choosing the primary picture for your very first listing.

But if you do reach the sales threshold, live split testing gives you cold, hard data about how your listing is performing, including sales and search ranking.

3.     Sample data from a Split test

There is a disadvantage to conducting split tests on Amazon since you only receive data from the tests themselves. Shoppers won’t be able to tell you why they chose one picture over another. To be confident that the impact you observe is due to the one item that you tested, it is best to limit testing variances to a minimal.

4.     Information about a credit card on a computer

Another drawback of live split testing is that it may take days, if not weeks, to get data from the test. Using, for example, each test is performed for at least a week before it is removed from the system. Depending on how much your product sells, how many variations you test, and how many visits your listing receives, the duration of the test will be different for everyone.

When it comes down to it, if your new image variations don’t perform well, you face the danger of losing sales while that picture is running, which may damage your search ranking. You should be very cautious while you are doing live testing.

Split testing outside of the Amazon marketplace

It’s possible to conduct certain tests outside of Amazon’s marketplace, as opposed to living split testing. This allows you to determine which primary picture will perform best before you make any changes to your live listing to optimize it.

You need to be brutally honest with yourself!

Think about running a Facebook or Twitter poll on two possible pictures. Just keep in mind that your buddies aren’t always the ideal individuals to ask. As a result, (I hope) they’ll attempt to spare your emotions and reassure you that you’re on the correct track.

To succeed in business, you must be utterly truthful! Having a product for sale on Amazon may not be the easiest thing to hear, but it’s better than nothing.

As a consequence of testing privately, there is less danger. In addition, it’s less expensive than purchasing advertising, and the results won’t take two weeks to arrive.

5.     Test your Amazon main image in a split-test

Testing is the next step once you’ve selected your tool (or tools)., for example, provides you a free source of testing your pictures and you can run your first split test without any troubles. If you want to save money, you may upload the pictures yourself and use this free service.

Working with now includes product image A/B testing. For the very first time, you may test different pictures of your primary product to discover which ones convert better. You can utilize A/B testing to assist improve your product pictures for free, which may help boost consumer confidence and increase sales. allows you to conduct A/B tests on your detail page’s product title, product names, and pictures. Experiments are straightforward to set up and comprehend, so you can be confident in your product selection. A weekly picture experiment takes less than five minutes to produce.

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