The Best Backpack for Hiking Under $100


For a thrilling and tiring sport like hiking, it is necessary to have a backpack that is spacious, lightweight, and easier to carry around. My brother is a hiker, and he has always been searching for backpacks that make his hiking easier. Trust me, we have dozens of backpacks lying around in the garage, just because although they claim to be good for hiking, they are not. The best backpack for hiking is those that make it easier to hike.

These backpacks are not random. They are made with a strong, sturdy design with a material that does not wear out quickly.

Benefits of Using the Backpack for Hiking

A hiking backpack is not just made considering the weight and material. There is careful thought regarding the size of the backpack as well. The company also carefully thought about how the hiking backpack has various spaces to store all the important stuff. Come on, we just don’t want to stuff everything in one place. Hiking places are pretty much open, but they are still limited to extreme weather conditions. The best backpack for hiking offers you the following benefits:

  1. Hiking backpacks are handy. They can store anything in a small space without adding much to the weight on the shoulders. The light-weighted material makes it easier for you to hike in the worst of regions.
  2. You get easy access to your stuff. The hiking backpacks have specific places to store stuff that is necessary during hiking. You can even store your money in a few in a secret pocket in the backpack.
  3. They are durable. The difference between a normal backpack and a hiking backpack is that hiking backpacks are durable. They are made for a durable material to face the strong weather conditions experienced during hiking.
  4. The best backpack for hiking is weatherproof. They help to fight snow, dust, and even rain. The material protects anything that is inside your backpack, making it investment-worthy.
  5. They are time efficient. Since they are specially made for hiking, it offers the access to stuff faster. You don’t need to pull everything out of the bag to finds a single thing.
  6. The hiking backpacks are made of soft yet strong straps that don’t cause any pain to your shoulder.

Our Recommendation:

Currently, the market is flooded with countless lightweight, handy, and simple hiking backpacks. However, do all of them live up to their claims? No! we tried hundreds of backpacks and even did a survey to ensure our review is not biased. This is not only a personal recommendation. Rather it is research that helped the user make the right claim.

KAILAS Star Trek 45+5L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Made from the 100D & 330D Cordura high tenacity Nylon, which is high strength and light-weighted material, Kailas Star Trek 455L is the best backpack for hiking in the material. The strong and sturdy design gives it the power to even withstand the strongest and worst of hiking conditions. The removable top lid makes it easier for you to increase or decrease its size accordingly—great zipper, Strong and sturdy&well-sewn craftsmanship, along with comfortable straps. There is no way you can get shoulder pain due to the heavy load at the back.


  1. The main body is highly durable as it is made of 100D and 330D Nylon material, which is a strong backpack material.
  2. It has a separate compartment for a sleeping bag. Enough of putting it all in one place, and later on spending all the time finding the stuff.
  3. The strong loops on the side make it easier to store trekking poles and ice axe. In fact, it has a separate storage area for each necessary hiking tool.
  4. It is the best backpack for hiking as it has adjustable compression straps. Even the adjustable hip belt has a small pocket to store anything you want.
  5. The 3D mesh compression gives much-needed room for ventilation.

KAILAS Star Trek 45+5L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

The Kailas Star Trek 45+5L is both pocket-friendly and has all the features needed for storing stuff during hiking. Moisture-wicking performance with a strong design can be your go-to option for hiking.


Kailas Star Trek 45+5L hiking backpack capacity is 45+5L, 11” x 6.2” x 25.98”. However, the weight is 2.64lb/42.33oz giving it the right space and right weight that you can carry on your shoulders.


It is made of 100D and 330D Nylon, which is a strong yet lightweight material perfect for hiking. This material makes it the best backpack for hiking as it does not allow moisture storage inside and outside the bag.


It has a lot of pockets and various compartments to store ice axe and trekking poles. Also, the separate storage for sleeping bags saves a lot of space. The dual mesh compartments on the side, give you the ease to carry more then one bottle water.


The size of the bag is neither too big and neither too small. The size of the bag might seem small to many or large to some, but the removable lid on the top makes it easier for you to reduce or increase the size as needed.

Convenient & Easy Access:

With multiple pockets and compartments, it gives easy access to everything. The various straps ensure that your backpack is held strongly to you. The compatibility of this backpack with hiking conditions is worth the investment for your hiking dreams.


The best backpack for hiking must be lightweight, sturdy, and must have various pockets to ensure everything is in place. The Kailas Star trek backpack has all these features that too while keeping you in the budget. Dual mesh side pockets for the water bottle allow you to carry enough water for the whole trip. The bag has little to no weight, so you don’t need to worry about additional weight.

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