There are a huge number of great games you can find on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, you can outsmart the competition by downloading your rivals. Many games nowadays can’t be ignored, and many game development companies have their list of common addictive games.

Every game developer wants their game to be the world’s best mobile game, but some of the best are free; some cost a few dollars. A great experience is playing these games with friends; it’s enjoyable to do this on your phone and when you want to socialize.

Today’s mobile games not only provide a way to relieve stress but also allow you to make new friends. And with all of the different gaming communities on social media that you can use to find like-minded gamers, the opportunities are endless!

We’ve picked a good mix of categories amongst the best mobile games in 2022, which includes role-playing games, first-person shooters (FPS), platformers, and more. With that being said let’s not stall you and just get to the list so without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 5 Mobile Gaming Apps To Enjoy In 2022!

1. Among Us

Being isolated or cut off from the outside world is always tough. But, for many people, this was a reality for most of 2020 and that’s why Among Us became one of the best games in history.

It is easy to see why Among Us is so popular among gamers. It’s surely not hard to fool your friends with all the different accounts you can make and socialites you can create. As a round starts, each player has their tasks they must accomplish while impostors have nothing they need to focus on except the deception aspect of it.

All the while, each culprit is concocting a plan to kill their fellow crewmates without being seen. When a body is discovered, everyone gathers to decide who they should chuck out an airlock.

The game was so popular that big-name celebrities streamed it LIVE on Twitch and Fortnite “borrowed” from it in the recent “Impostors” update.

If you’re interested in getting it, the game is free on iOS & Android; Android, and at a bargain price on Steam and Nintendo. It means that people who value their time can get it for an affordable price.

2. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Despite being one of the highest-rated and most popular games, “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach” dominates all other mobile games. The scary graphics; extraordinary gameplay make it addictive.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is based in an arcade-style theme park filled with engaging games, an inflatable play area, and more. It’s essentially a Chuck E Cheese experience for the new generation. Some of the animatronics may trigger memories for anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s.

As the game progresses, you’d be amazed to come across a tale emerging with a serial murderer, haunting robots and the family disowned.

With outstanding reviews on google play store and apple store, download it now.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has never disappointed its audience with its high rating and made it the best Android game for a long time. This game is so popular and well-rated that it deserves the love it gets.

“The game has both a normal FPS online PvP mode; a 100-player battle royale mode. You can either play at your own pace or put yourself in challenging situations against others – it’s one of the only games that give you that level of choice when playing. There is also a wide variety of weapons

It has some free-to-play games that offer a lot of cosmetic options and FPS games to explore. If you’re looking for additional shooting games, you can find them on Google Play Store.

4. Candy Crush Saga

It’s undeniably one of the most popular playlists in the world. Candy Crush Saga is as sweet as cake and twice as addictive as beer. This game helps you pass the time when bored, which can be a boon when you don’t have anything else to do.

The app was first popular for being a clone of the game “Bejeweled”. But now it has such a huge following that other players are willing to spend lots of money on it. It uses cheats, tricks, and tips to make people want to keep playing.

As one of the most popular games in July 2021, it broke the $100m threshold thanks to its inclusion with other top-performing games.

5. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft for mobile devices is a cool, fun game. It’s available for iOS and Android and is an accurate update of the PC version, complete with gameplay options.

Survival mode is the most difficult mode. If caught by spiders, creepers, or zombies you will lose all your materials and have to start over in a new game.

There is a trial version of the game before you buy to see if you like it. This trial includes both the “creative” and “survival” mode where gamers will be able to experience both modes to find out which one they would like to play the most.

Wrap Up!

Gaming on mobile has been improving at a faster rate than any previous game technology. Mobile games are constantly being improved, and your phone can now run some high-quality games that look as good as PC or console titles. Even free-to-play games have become far more enjoyable to play daily.

Well, mobile games have undeniably excellent titles. Some of the listed games are even as good as console and PC games. And easily could play on all of these devices. Thus, now even if we don’t have those expensive games, we can still cherish the experience of outstanding gaming in 2022!

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