The Best Month to Have A Baby

Every month is the best month to have a Baby. To have a baby means to have a lot of enjoyment, happiness at home. Every month have their different things. Some people says that those who are born in August are legends & those who born in September are apparently the smartest out of entire year. According to Marie Claire, a study published in the National Bureau of Economic Research found that there’s a clear correlation between the month during which you were born & how smart you are. But the most popular month for birthday is August, which makes sense like December month. Cold weather, romantic feelings and many more need for it. The personality of baby depends on their birth month.

Following are some unique personalities of baby’s according to the months.

1. JANUARY BABIES: – The babies who born in this month are very Mature. They are Independent ones; they need their own space. They’ll not show their emotions openly. Babies of this months are very sensitive, ambitious, & kind nature. They go by there self to play if they not go on to play then they will do their homework without forcing them. January born are fun-loving babies who speak of their minds. Their optimism is contagious & their energy is infectious. Babies of this month are having God gifted sense of humour. People with this month never get bored. They love going to parties & become the centre of attention.

2. FEBRUARY BABIES: – Babies born in this moth are very beautiful and romantic one because this month is of LOVE. Everywhere there is love in the air. They are very creative one & they show how they are. They will not act like fake. They are interested to meet different people. They don’t like regular routine. Babies of this month creates their own path; they will not listen to anyone. If they don’t like anything then they will say direct on face. They are very frank & honest kind of. Feb month babies are little artistic & creative. This month babies’ careers are high-flying mostly in the field of arts. They love to innovate new-new things.

3. MARCH BABIES: – Babies of this month are very shy, trustworthy, & intuitive. They are Autistic in nature instead of interfering in others life, they involve in them self to get successful in their life. They are very sensitive in nature. They never hesitate to work hard. March born babies heart is of gold, it is very pure & generous. They are optimistic in nature, so people love them. They are always finding a hope or a opportunity in any situation. They can adapt any situation. They have successful & bright career.

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4. APRIL BABIES: – April’s babies are talkative, fearless, stubborn & caring nature. They are very confident of whatever they do. Because of their talkative nature they make friends easily. They tolerate the things by them self but never share to anyone. They are loving & determined but if you insult them, they will never forget it easily. They are smart & Dynamic ones. April’s babies are

extremely optimistic with a positive outlook. Babies of this month are very loyal & generous. They are impatience because of the combine nature of creative & fearlessness. Because of their risk-taking abilities makes them to Adventure lover.

5. MAY BABIES: – Babies born in this month are very particle in nature, they take care of them self very much. They are strong & hardworking, but by mind they are short-tempered. This month babies loves reading & writing. May month babies do work first & then they speak. They are very good in maintaining relationship. They are very clever & pragmatic nature. They never suffer from financial crises. By the nature they are fearless. Because of their zodiac sing Taurus & Gemini babies of May month are blessed by the stars. They are very enthusiastic & understanding by nature.

6. JUNE BABIES: – This month babies are full of Humour. They are very intelligent & charming in nature. They are entertaining and love to do stand-up comedy. They have innate speaking skills. They have a skill to become a political person. June month babies loves making friends & exploring the outside world but they can easily bored. They are romantic & shy kind of nature. They are good listener & understand the feelings of others’ seriously & give them a helping hand.

7. JULY BABIES: – Summer babies are full of a kind of difference from others, they dare to question what they believe. They are very sensitive & practical in nature. They value others more than family. July babies are independent & energetic. This month babies are little attention seekers. July babies are having great confident & a great leadership quality. Babies born in July are always look at the brighter side of everything. Babies of this month are less likely to handle pursue to higher education degrees. The babies born in this month are of taller in height & left-handed.

8. AUGUST BABIES: – As I said above that babies born in this month are legends. The most popular month to born. This month is right equation for beginning of human mating season, the cold weather makes it perfect for it. The august babies are very romantic in nature. They like to travel all over the world. They are very sweet and talkative in nature. There sweetness makes anyone to fall in love with them. They believe in Gods. They are dreamers & their luck also help them very much. They will not study but instinctively cleverly succeeds.

9. SEPTEMBER BABIES: – Babies who born in September are apparently the smartest out of entire year. They are organised & calm ones. They are very hardworking. Babies of this month have lots of emotions in them. September months babies make themselves very perfect & are extremely aggressive. Anything of this month babies never let it go they will till it finish. They like to analyse a lot. This month babies are great problem solvers. Your little one will be extremely sociable & loving.

10. OCTOBER BABIES: – They are very loyal, positive & opinionated in nature. They are very smart. They’re very Fair in look & clever mind. With their charming personality babies of this month are born lawyers & debaters. They are calm & pleasant. There personality is different than other. These include foresight & the threat to work for it. It emphasizes the creation of something new. They are art lovers, they never hurt anyone. October babies are humble enough to succeed but give credit to others.

11. NOVEMBER BABIES: – The babies of this month are of sports loving. Enthusiasm runs like water in them. They are by born thinkers. They are very secretive & creative in nature. November babies are intuitive in all the things, they are very caring kind of persons. This month babies are emotional, yet independent, & stands out in a crowd. They accept the challenges, if

someone challenge them, they will take it, & complete it. They are very kind & understanding personality. November born babies are very possessive of their partners. This month babies do not fight with

anyone without any reason. By the look they are very good looking & attractive. This moth babies handle the situations very cool & calm mind.

12. DECEMBER BABIES: – Babies of this month are very enthusiastic & optimistic. They love to learn new things. They keep their surrounding very positive & happy. They are friendly in nature. They like competition with other. They are very curious to the things. December babies are ambitious & caring persons. They love to travel all over the world with family. They don’t react but trust me they notice everything. Throw them to the wolves & they will come return leading the pack. December babies are forever faithful & affectionate to their friends & family.

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