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The built-in Music Player of Android phones does not offer many services. Most Android users look for added apps for streaming music. Now there are plenty of options available online. We will today help the users in narrowing down the search by offering the Best Music Player Apps for Android.

After reading this complete review, users will be able to get their desired player. If anyone is confused about using a player, then this article is specially meant for them. All the information shared here will be very useful to the users. The apps shared here will be completely free to download for all users.

What are the Best Music Player Apps for Android?

Best Music Player Apps for Android will be offered right here in this article. All the user’s decisions will get a lot easier once they read the information shared. So we will be sharing information regarding the app will be shared on the basis of features only. All the readers will surely be satisfied will all the apps shared here.

All the Android devices have built-in Music players. Mostly the interface of these default players is very basic. There are not many features to use in the default applications. The apps suggested here will be offering the best quality features and series. This will be a great experience for all the users.

Now there are many aspects that need to be looked at while using a player. Music lovers have a lot of preferences that cannot be satisfied with normal apps. Having a full-fledged application is very important and that is why are sharing the info here. The content will be around all the features of these apps.

The below-listed applications are the best option for music streaming. Each app will have specific services and features to offer. Information about these will be shared accordingly. We do not have any kind of links to any of these shared apps. So here is the list of music player apps for Android phones.


VLC is the most famous Audio and video player. The app is used on PC and Android as well. There are multiple features on the application and it is completely free to use. There will be no need of buying any kind of premium purchases for added services and features.

It provides Equalizer for managing the sound quality. The mobile app has been downloaded multiple times from the play store. There are numerous features like setting up the favorites library. It will help the users in sorting music according to Albums, Artists, Genres, and more.

This app will surely be a good choice for the users. The best part about the app is that it supports multiple file formats. It also helps the listeners in getting easy access to all the files.


This player is offering an extremely amazing interface. It offers a dark mode interface with various Animations. It will keep the users entertained even during normal usage. The services offered here are also completely free to use and there will be no need for premium purchases.

It will help the viewers in sorting music according to folders. It also provides an equalizer setting for making sound settings as per user preference. It will also help the users in running numerous file formats without any kind of restrictions.

This is going to be a very fun experience for the user. It offers a number of themes and animations. The themes can be easily customized and saved. It also offers 3 widgets for adding to the lock or home screen.

Pulsar Music Player

The platform is offering a very interactive interface for the users. There are many features listed for the users here. It is completely free to download as well and there will be no need of buying the premium services. It provides multi-language options for users from around the world.

 There are many animations and designs offered. The player is offering a customizable widget for the home screen. There are many in-app folders for sorting songs as per requirements. There are many genres listed provided as well for easy access.

 The app is also offering Chromecast support for interested ones. Not only that, but it also offers the Google Voice command assist and it is also offering the Android Auto feature. It does not stream any kind of advertisements while the device is online.    

JetAudio HD Music Player

This is a very light app for Android users and it will work smoothly on low-end devices. Downloading the application is completely free but it also provides many in-app payments. Many added features can be unlocked easily after buying the in-app payments.

 There is a total of 14 home screen widgets for the interested user. 

There is a total of 15 file formats supported here. It is also offering a Sleep timer for up to 24 hours. There are many added gestures for playback controls too.

Final Words

These are the best Music Payers apps for Android users. These are going to be the best option for all the interested users. These applications can be downloaded completely free of cost from online sources. The above-mentioned applications are going to be the best option for the readers. Now there might be users interested in exploring more. Find similar music player apps for your android just by visiting


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