Finding the correct frame can take hours when you’re at the optician. You may buy glasses online, but then you will have to return them. This problem occurs when a person does not know his or her face shape.

The most common types of face shapes are:

  • Heart-shaped face
  • Round face
  • Oval face shape
  • Diamond-shaped face
  • Oblong shaped face

Understanding the styles of sunglasses and glasses that will complement your face shape can help you locate the perfect sunglass frame to go with your natural features. Everyone deserves to wear glasses that showcase their personal style and add to their confidence quotient. The best sunglasses for square type faces are

  • Round frames
  • Oval glasses
  • Brown line glasses
  • Cat eye glasses
  • Aviators

How good you look depends on the person who is looking at you. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the sunglasses not only protect you but are comfortable to wear as well and make you feel good about your personality.

Do you have a square face shape?

Not everyone’s facial features will completely fit the criteria of face shapes. Most of us look for features that could be representative of square faces or round faces. Here the trick is to identify the most prominent facial features and match them to the face shape requirements.

Square face

Square faces are generally characterized by

  • A strong jawline
  • Angular features
  • Equal width of the forehead, jaws, and cheekbones.

Square-shaped faces have angular jawlines and chins that are flat. The foreheads tend to be broad with a wide hairline. The cheekbones have been observed to be flat with no curves in facial features.

What frame would look best on a square-shaped face?

Mostly round frames look amazing on square faces. Oval and round shapes help soften the angular features of the face and provide balance.

Round frames

Round sunglasses are an amazing choice for people with square faces. The frames provide a really nice contrast to the angle of features of the face. You can go for frames that are a little wide on the sides. This will help add balance to a uniformly square-shaped face. Most people opt for thin metal frames, but plastic and colorful frames will look good on your face as well, depending on your skin tone.

Aviator sunglasses

Aviators are trendy sunglasses that look good on almost all the face shapes. It will help smoothen out your forehead a little bit.

Browline sunglasses

Browline frames are mostly rounded towards the bottom side. They also have a wide browline region which can help to slim down your forehead. Make sure that you go for a frame that is also a little bit rounded out the top.

Cat eye sunglasses

The swift browlines in the cat eye provide movement that complements most face shapes.

The sunglasse type which you should actually stay away from is the square sunglasses. These will make your features look more angular than normal.

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