At the start of 2020, Google passed the $1 trillion valuation mark! That valuation is no surprise when you consider how integral Google has become in our lives.

The fact is that if you want to find something on the internet, regardless of the search engine or browser you use, you probably say “Google it.”

If you want to learn or be entertained with a wide variety of videos, YouTube is likely high on your list.

And today, the number of Google Drive users is rapidly increasing due to its flexibility and simplicity. To help you make the most of Google Drive features and what it has to offer, we have put together our best Google Drive tips below.

Tips for Beginners

If you are just getting familiar with Google Drive and its many features, you are in the perfect position to start your Google Drive the right way.

Many users who have utilized the service for a while have cluttered folders with all of their Google Drive files, which takes us to our first tip…

Keep it Organized

Google Drive can be organized in a similar way to any other computer storage system. You have your storage space (15GB on the free plan) and you can drop and save all of your files to it.

The benefit of Google Drive storage over standard computers is that it operates in the cloud. You save it to your space and can access it anywhere else with your Google login.

If you are planning to stick with the free storage plan, we recommend keeping the Drive as clutter-free as possible, and that means getting rid of duplicates and sorting everything into folders.

Share Links to Files

Once you have your Drive all neat and tidy, you can use it to perform a bunch of different tasks.

One of the most useful is simply being able to share files. A standard email service such as Gmail limits the size of files you can “attach” to an email, but with Google Drive, there isn’t a limit.

Instead of attaching the file, you can attach a link to the file in your Google Drive space, and even better, you can control the level of access other users have. Whether they can view the file, edit it, or add comments, it is up to you.

Tips for Pros

If you are a little more familiar with Google Drive, the above will appear very basic. Don’t worry, we have included some more advanced features here.

Offline Access

Did you know that you can alter the settings of your Google Drive so you can access it offline?

Just go to Settings > General and enable the Offline option there to start working on your files without an active internet connection.

Convert Files to Google Docs Format

Microsoft Office is pretty much the industry standard for creating digital documents, but maybe not for much longer.

Google Docs and its companions are free alternatives to Microsoft’s programs, and you barely need to do anything in order to convert them straight to your Google Drive.

You can upload the files directly and they are automatically converted. So don’t worry about copying and pasting, just drop the file into your Drive.

Google Drive Users To Pros

Wherever you are in terms of experience as Google Drive users, these tips will quickly ensure that you can use the best features with ease.

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