The Best Way to Block Restricted Calls on Your Android

With the continuous advancement in the online space, one has to be smart and very careful. Keep receiving calls from phone numbers that cannot be identified? How do you feel about that? When instead of a regular caller’s ID or phone number, “restricted” shows on your screen – you begin to wonder what it means or even feel uneasy. Well, here’s all that you need to know about how to block restricted calls on Android.

What Is a Restricted Phone Number?

A restricted number is used by someone who wants to prevent others from seeing their number. Thus, the person blocks it from public viewing.

People use restricted numbers for many reasons. Some get one for security or privacy. Scammers use restricted numbers to make robocalls. This way, it is easier for victims to fall prey. But can you block restricted calls on Android to avoid such traps?

Why You Should Block Such Numbers?

There are many reasons why you should block restricted calls on Android or other types of devices:

  • Scammers are well known for using restricted calls. They tend to call from anonymous numbers to try and defraud you of your personal data. They can also try to track person by cell phone number
  • Telemarketers also use this tactic, and it can be very annoying when their calls become too frequent.
  • Another reason why you should consider blocking these calls is to avoid shady people. Criminals and stalkers use restricted calls to track and lure other people into danger.
  • Calls from anonymous numbers are even riskier for kids because predators and scammers use this method to reach children and threaten or bully them. The best way to protect kids from this kind of call is by restricting them.

How to Block Restricted Number on Android?

Many people who get calls by restricted numbers simply ignore them since no caller ID can be seen. But there are several other options available to keep you from receiving such calls on your phone. Now that you know what a restricted number is all about let’s discuss how you can block restricted calls on Android phone.

Blocking restricted calls on Android devices is not only possible but also super easy.

  • On your phone screen, click on the telephone icon.
  • To locate the restricted number you want to block, scroll through your call logs.
  • Click the blue question mark next to the restricted number to show the options.
  • Scroll down the options and select “Block Number.”
  • You’re all done and have successfully blocked the restricted number.

There are other ways to block anonymous numbers – with the help of the service providers and call blocking applications.

Blocking by service providers

Service providers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile provide apps that block calls on the mobile phones of their clients. The Call Filter app was created by Verizon to call unwanted numbers and spam calls.

Third-party apps

Restricted calls can be blocked by third-party applications available for mobile devices. A registry of known spammers is constantly updated to prevent such calls from getting through.

How to Block Calls on Someone Else’s Phone?

The worst-case scenario is when your kids start getting calls from unwanted numbers. This is not safe. Scammers, bullies, and predators use this type of telephone number to harass children, steal money or personal information from them, induce them to improper behavior. Is there anything parents can do to protect their kids?

mSpy is an all-in-one solution that every parent will find helpful. This app allows you to keep an eye on your child at all times and prevent them from getting trapped.

With mSpy, you will be able to view call logs on your son or daughter’s smartphone and check if there are any suspicious calls from anonymous numbers that get too frequent and raise suspicions.

So, how to get started with mSpy and find peace of mind today?

●      Visit mSpy website, select one of the subscriptions and fill out the order form.

●      Complete your payment and check your email for the installation instructions.

●      Download mSpy mobile tracking software and install it onto your child’s phone.

●      Log in to mSpy Control Panel to start monitoring calls, texts, GPS locations, apps, and other activities of your kid.

mSpy will allow you to monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s smartphone remotely. Even deleted call logs will be available to you on your personal Control Panel.

If you notice that your kid keeps receiving calls from unwanted numbers, you can get access to their device and block restricted calls. Another option is talking to your child openly to explain all the dangers of phone scammers and teach how to block them on the device.


If you have been getting disturbed by restricted calls, the best thing you can do is to block them once and for all. This way, you’ll save time and protect yourself from scams and bullying. And if you’re worried for your family and search for methods to ensure their safety, try mSpy, a reliable spy app that guarantees quality results.

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