Did you know that trees have a $31.5 billion impact on home values? Not only do these living things provide some beauty to your home, but they can also bump up its value so you can sell it for more in the future!

However, you need to plant them just right. Otherwise, you’ll risk damage to your property, which can result in costly repairs.

In this article, we’ll explore how to prevent roof damage from trees so you can protect your house.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

You might like that jungle aesthetic, but it’s not good for your house. With branches going every which way, things can go wrong.

For one, these branches can scrape your roof, which can then heavily damage the shingles. You’ll then need a roofer to come and make your roof as good as new again.

Also, the longer limbs grow, the weaker they can get. These can then snap unexpectedly, fall on your roof, and then damage it. Again, you’ll probably need roof damage repair in this case.

Practice Regular Maintenance

As part of their natural life cycle, trees will drop dead leaves and some small twigs and branches. These things can clog your gutters and promote moisture, which can then rot your roof.

You need to get up there regularly to keep your roof clear of debris. This way, you can prevent roof damage actively.

If you aren’t able-bodied enough to do this yourself, some roofers can take care of this for you.

Have Tree Specialists Inspect Your Property

If you’re not familiar with arboreal tasks, then you might not be sure if certain trees are even suited for your home. They might look nice, but in reality, they can pose a real hazard.

Tree specialists can take a look around your property and determine if there are any weaker or unstable trees. If there are, they can then remove them on the spot and eliminate the risk.

If you have dead or dying trees from disease, pests, or lightning damage, you’ll also want to call tree specialists right away. These are at risk for falling at any time, so prompt action is necessary.

Speak to Your Neighbors

Not only do you have to worry about damage from your own trees, but also your neighbors’. Make sure you speak to them before damage to your roof from a neighbor’s tree becomes a reality.

If you’ve found a good tree specialist, it can be a good idea to give your neighbors their details. This can be an assertive way to get people to take action and have their trees trimmed regularly.

Prevent Roof Damage From Trees

Roof damage from trees can be devastating. Not only can your greenery die, but your home will also need costly repairs.

By putting our tips above into place, you’ll be able to stop such catastrophic things from happening. And as a result, you’ll be able to see your trees grow large and tall, without impacting your property!

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