The Big List of Airbnb Tips and Insights for Hosts

So maybe you have taken the plunge to join the millions of other property owners by becoming an Airbnb host. You are excited about the extra rental income and even the social aspect of meeting new people.

Or maybe you have been at this hosting thing for a while. You’ve been through the ups and downs and have some stories to tell.

Either way, you are looking for ways to increase your profits, receive better reviews, and create an overall better experience for your renters.

Here are some great Airbnb tips and insights to achieve this goal.

Know and Follow Local Laws

Just because you want to rent out your property doesn’t mean you can just throw up a listing on the Airbnb site.

Many localities now have regulations regarding where and how a property can become an Airbnb. Inquire to stay within the lawful guidelines.

Check your homeowner or landlord’s insurance policy as well to understand all the coverage provided, or not, for damage caused by renters.

Practice Truth in Advertising

There is a fine line between a focus on the positive and making things appear better than they really are. Make sure the details in the Airbnb listing are accurate. The last thing you want is a negative review because someone called you out on the misinformation.

Be honest about the condition of the property and its location. Post recent and clear photos. Include a picture of the outside so your guests don’t have to guess where they are going.

Also, provide clear instructions regarding check-in. Is it keyless? Are there codes? Are keys hidden somewhere? Will you meet them at a specific place?

Travelers don’t like last-minute changes or incomplete information. Be specific and be accurate.

Make It Covid Clean

Now more than ever travelers are rightfully concerned about cleanliness. You may be obsessively clean, but don’t assume they know that. They also don’t know who the last people were inside the property.

Make sure you have clear notations about the steps taken to clean and sanitize the listing. It is also a good idea to invest in a professional cleaning service.

This saves you time and the headache of having to do it yourself. There are also these ways a professional service can be of benefit.

Clearly State Rules

There are rules that govern almost everything someone does in life and an Airbnb experience is no different.

Don’t expect your guests to read your mind or rely on common sense. Clearly state any and all rules for your property/location. This is especially true if the home is in a neighborhood with surrounding permanent residents.

This could mean quiet time hours or limitations regarding pets. You might have specific instructions regarding trash or how to leave the home. Check-in and check-out times and instructions to be followed.

Whatever the rules are, make them clearly known both on the listing site and in written communication that follows. Having them also provided inside the property is a good idea.

Don’t Forget the Small Touches

You’ve heard it a million times, the little things are the big things.

Your guests could have stayed in a sterile hotel room. Instead, they chose to rent your property. So take a few extra steps to make it feel cozy and comfortable.

A gift basket with goodies or a bottle of wine to greet them is always nice. Toiletries, lotions, and personal care items are a special touch as well. Try going with a local artisan or using organic products.

Use high-quality sheets and towels. If a kitchen is available, keep it stocked with cookware, basic items, spices, etc. A wine opener and pizza stone are a must!

Make sure the home represents a little of who you are and your style. Give it a personality and charm.

Keep Maintenance up to Date

You will want to book as often as possible to keep the revenue flowing in, but you also need to schedule downtime for maintenance and upkeep.

Things break or wear out. Don’t risk another booking (and a potentially bad review) by waiting to take care of something that needs attention.

Of course, eventually, there will be an issue while someone is there. Those can’t be avoided. Do your best to address it immediately and to their satisfaction.

Highlight the Local Area

When most people travel they love to explore the local community and area attractions. Some will research these things ahead of time, but others don’t.

It is a nice treat to have helpful local information available when your guests arrive. You can highlight the big attractions, but also the hidden treasures.

Point out a favorite restaurant or entertainment venue. As an added bonus, leave a coupon or small gift card for those locations. Not only will this go over well with the guests, but the area businesses will appreciate it as well.

Good community goes a long way.

Be Accessible

It is a welcoming touch to check in with your guests to make sure they made it to the property with no issues and are satisfied with the accommodations.

After that, they don’t need to hear from you all during their stay, but they do need to know you are available.

One of the biggest complaints on Airbnb reviews is not being able to reach the host when something comes up. Response time to a guest is crucial.

Whether it is a quick question about where to find more toilet paper, the closest grocery store, or the AC suddenly stops working, make sure you are there for your guests.

Look Into the Future

Return customers are the backbone of any business, and the rental business is no exception. Some people visit certain locations just once, but others travel to the same areas for family or other personal reasons.

If they were good renters with a smooth experience, consider offering a discount for future bookings. You could give a percentage off for the entire next stay, or extend a day or two for free.

Either way will prompt goodwill and increase your chances of another booking.

Airbnb Tips to Help You Stand Out

You have invested time, effort, and money to set up your rental property. Now take the extra steps and use these Airbnb tips to help you stand out.

The bottom line is to create the kind of experience you desire to have when you travel. If you do this, you will succeed.

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