Are You Smoking a Glass Bubbler Yet?

Smoking a cigar properly is more than just puffing on it. There’s so much more to the art of smoking a cigar that it’s no wonder people often make mistakes when doing so. This complete cigar-smoking guide will give you a good understanding of how to smoke a cigar properly, from lighting to ashing.

Cigars are a unique smoking experience, and there’s an art to smoking them. Though many first-time cigar smokers might think that all you have to do is light a cigar and puff on it, that’s not quite accurate. Typically, there are three main steps to smoking a cigar:

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1. Cutting the end off the cigar

You’ll need to cut the end off if you’re smoking a quality cigar. The best way to do this is with a specialized cigar cutter and not just any old scissors or knife. Cutting the end gives you room to draw in the smoke and helps to ensure that you don’t burn your fingers or lips.

2. Lighting it up

You can’t just light the end of the cigar and suck in. As with most things, there’s a proper way to light a cigar. You’ll want to use an st dupont lighter or a wooden matchstick, holding it near the cigar’s end while puffing on it simultaneously.

You’ll want to rotate the cigar to ensure it burns evenly, and you may need to hold the lighter or matchstick a little closer to get it going. You’ll know when the cigar is lit when it starts to burn evenly and consistently.

3. Ashing your cigar

As you smoke your cigar, the ash may start to get longer. When it does, you should gently tap or knock some of the ash off so your cigar burns cleaner and more evenly. You shouldn’t let the ash get too long, though, as it can cause issues with the smoke and burn of your cigar.

Gently tap the ash off the cigar and keep an eye on it so you can continue enjoying the taste and experience of smoking your cigar. Also you can try out the cheapest cigarettes in canada.

Bonus tip: Don’t take too many puffs at one time

Okay, you might not need to be told this, but taking a bunch of puffs back to back isn’t the best way to enjoy your cigar. If you smoke the cigar too fast, it might burn too hot and cause the cigar (and you!) to get some unwanted flavors. For a pleasant flavour you should buy hash online in Canada.

Instead, take your time with your cigar, and enjoy it a little at a time. You can always go back for more puffs if you need to, but taking them slowly will give you a more enjoyable experience overall.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your cigars and have a more enjoyable smoking experience, follow this complete cigar-smoking guide. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced smoker, these tips will help you smoke your cigar like a pro.

There’s nothing like enjoying a good cigar. Whether you’re smoking alone or with a group of friends, something special about the experience makes it one you want to savor.

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