The craft book is a unique and interactive way to create beautiful scrapbooks. With its wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles, it is easy to find the perfect match for any project. The book also includes a built-in photo album to keep your memories in one place. Click here on pattern stencils.

Study shows that the size of the creative industry in the United States was a staggering $44 billion in 2016, up from $30.1 billion in 2011.

Due to the rise of online scrapbook stores serving as tools for clients, this multibillion-dollar industry is now here to stay.

In this article, you learn about the materials used for craft booking. You will also see the benefits of craft books. Keep reading.

The Basics

A truly creative way to make scrapbooks is with a craft book. Craft Direct is one place to splurge on your love for arts and crafts. You discover a collection of paper craft supplies that will assist you in making your creative ideas a reality.

The best thing about scrapbooks is that they’re easy and practical. They’re also a cheap way to record your life and safeguard your memories.

They’re often packed with blank pages and a variety of scrapbooking-friendly tools. The book is in two parts: the first is the scrapbook itself, and the second is the scrapbook cabinet.

The scrapbook cabinet can store your photos, memorabilia, and keepsakes. The cabinet is in four sections, namely;

  • The Photo Section: In this section, you can store all your photos from vacations, adventures, and so on.
  • The Paper Section: You can store your paper scrapbooking supplies here. For example, card stocks, paper trimmers, page protectors, etc.
  • The Embellishment Section: This is where you keep all of your scrapbooking embellishments. For example, stickers for scrapbooking, ribbons, buttons, brads, tags, and die cuts.
  • The Journal Section: This is where you can store all of your scrapbooking journaling supplies.

Finally, the best part about craft books is that they help you make cheap scrapbooks for sale. You can sell them at online scrapbooking stores.

So if you are looking for a new and creative way to make scrapbooks, then the craft book is definitely for you!

Major Craft Booking Supplies and Tools

For those just starting, craft booking may be overwhelming. You will need to understand which tools are crucial for altering your tasks. That is turning it from a concept into a reality.

However, given the abundance of tools in online scrapbook stores, go for the major tools to get started. Below are some of these major craft booking tools and what they do.

The Cardstock Paper

Cardstock paper is the first tool you need to start making your own scrapbooks. They are sturdy, heavy-weight papers that are essential for any paper-making project. The best size to pick is 12-by-12-inch cardstock paper.

Cardstocks are mainly used as a background, for matte photos, or certain accent designs and page features. They also come in simple hues like cream, black, and white. However, some colors are more vivid, such as pink or blue.

Before starting your craft book, it’s wise to choose the color theme of the book and the card stock. For example, most people prefer sky blue when doing a scrapbook for little boys.

If you want to prevent yellowing and extend the life of the paper, it is best to pick lignin- and acid-free cardstock papers. As a result, you will have a solid and durable piece that will shield your pages and images from harm.

Paper Trimmer

Cutting the paper is the next crucial thing to do while creating the craft book. One could need various paper shapes to give the scrapbook an elegant appearance. Therefore, to begin with, one would require a paper trimmer.

However, there are various types of paper trimmers, and they are pricey too. So only buy them if you plan to create many craft books. 

However, regardless of the price range, ensure it will accommodate 12-inch by 12-inch cardstock or scrapbook paper. 


If you don’t add any decorations, you may as well make a photo book. Use ornaments in your craft books to give your pages more originality and personality. 

Many kinds of scrapbooking supplies are available, including washi tape, stickers, and die-cuts. Remember that you don’t have to buy them all; a few supplies will be enough to make your craft book page stand out.

These embellishments are available at craft or scrapbook stores. And most times, they come in packs or sets. Below are some other examples of embellishments.

  • Journaling cards
  • Enamel dots
  • Embossed foil frames
  • Tags
  • Ephemera

The Adhesives

Adhesives are vital for sticking to all the scrapbooking supplies you plan to use. For example, a glue stick is a solid substance with a small handle that moves up and down like a lipstick. It helps to adhere your photo or other items to the cardstock base.

However, to prevent long-term damage to the pieces in your layout, ensure that the glue stick is acid-free.

The scrapbook’s binding and heavy items like buttons and pins can get glued with a glue gun. However, if you are using a tape roller to paste scrap paper and even images, it is best to use double-sided tape. They work best for constantly sticking those images, are easy to use, and leave no mess. 

Benefits of Craft Books 

Craft books are entertaining, but they also have certain benefits. Here are some:

  • Enhances Originality

You will become more adept at the layout, design, and color theory of craft books as you create more albums. 

Exploration is the key to learning what works and what doesn’t; you can do that with craft books. You can explore what you can create with a basic pair of scissors and various scrapbook pages. Even if you are low on crafting and scrapbooking supplies, you can do so.

  • Therapeutic

Making a craft book can be therapeutic in a variety of ways. First, simply allowing you to divert your attention from your problems for a brief period of time can reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

Also, while working on your craft book, adding comfort food and soothing music will help you feel at ease.

  • Keeps Memories Safe

Do you want to create a photo album to remember a particular moment? By converting it into a scrapbook, you can spice it up! To give your images more personality, include adorable custom and scrapbook stickers. It also includes charming tales and memorabilia.

Bottom Line

While the craft book may not be for everyone, it provides a unique and interactive way to create. For those who enjoy scrapbooking, the craft book is an innovative and fun way to document your memories. It also comes with great benefits.

With a wide variety of scrapbook supplies available, you can create a one-of-a-kind scrapbook that will be cherished for years to come. Do it now and have fun!

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