The Curious Case of Casinos and Japan

Almost a century has passed since gambling for cash has been declared illegal in Japan. In 1907, after a number of criminal activities were suspected in the gambling world, the government declared any kind of gambling illegal. However, with the times changing and more people turning to the online world – casinos have started coming into existence slowly again. Japan’s idea behind the banning of public casinos was mainly because of the huge criminal network that got attached to it. But as online casinos became a well-known space for gambling, there was no shortage of people trying their hands.

The World of Online Gambling in Japan

The original Pachinko game was the first type of mechanical gambling in Japan and is still played in many

parts, though behind the covers. And today, online casinos are illegal in the country. But no one can be prosecuted if someone is playing on a site that has a license outside of Japan.

There are a number of reasons why more people are interested in playing online casinos in Japan. Some of the primary reasons are:

  • Security on site: Most sites enable players to safely deposit money, play the games and withdraw money
  • The choice for players: Plenty of betting sites from all over the world are listed on a single site
  • Variety in banking options: There are different banking options for people to use easily and not face any problem in transactions
  • Help for newcomers: The betting sites/apps are all reviewed and there is proper customer support round the clock to help new players who are facing trouble initially.

Why Are Casinos Back in the Game?

For a long time now, there have been talks of bringing back casinos in the gaming realm of Japan. And it is not just people who might be on the edge of gambling addiction! There have been government officials who think that resorts and hotels with casinos in their setup might increase revenue. There have been talks of lifting up the private-sector gambling ban that has limited various casino owners. Though it has not been implemented because of a public dilemma who are not sure of the effect of this action.

On this website that is primarily for public gambling, the Japanese casino industry has a lot of stakes. The popularity of the sites will assure how much they can grow and flourish. If more people are visiting the country’s own sites rather than playing on foreign ones, it makes way for other online casinos to expand their business.

So, what are some of the main reasons people are in favor of legalizing online casinos in Japan?

  1. Popular with the people: With the troubles that the world has gone through over the past year, many people have had some time to take a much-desired break. This has led more people to spend time on the internet and so newer avenues have opened up for them. Online casinos might just be one of those things for a greater number of people. But the popularity of these casinos has been clear. As more people started playing on online casinos that help them earn profits, they tried their hands at different things. Classic card games, slot machines, sports betting with the live-stream of matches, fantasy games and so much more – the variety in online casinos is undeniable. Games that are interactive or have a visual appeal bring in more people quickly. All of these reasons have led people to the path of online casinos. This popularity is one of the many reasons why a country like Japan wants to bring the online casino world into the legal framework of the country.
  2. Regulations to be placed: Any sort of official activity has to have some regulations placed to maintain the legality of the situation. This is why most people are of the opinion that if online gambling is allowed with regulations, it might be a good idea. At present, the main limitation of people in the online casino world is that they cannot play on sites that are Japanese in origin. But it is easy to play on sites that have licensed themselves from a foreign country. With some regulations in place, if more online casinos can license themselves in Japan, it will obviously lead to a vote of trust from people. They will be willing to try out the new casinos that are being offered, rather than look for the foreign sites which they use originally.
  3. A new wave in entertainment: For many countries and a lot, online gambling is an entirely new area. Though online casinos have been around for a long time, their popularity has substantially grown over the past decade. For many, online gambling is a new source of entertainment and even earning extra money. It is not much different for Japan. The online casino crowd who are engaged in internet gambling are really interested to explore more. This is why opening up online casinos in a legal manner will bring in more people. Just like sports and cinema, online casinos might be considered as a new type of leisure activity that people want to engage in.
  4. Flourishing Economy: Finally, there is an argument that legalizing casinos can have a significant effect on the country’s economy. Private as well as government organizations are of the opinion that opening up casinos legally can help the financial status of Japan in the global scenario. Supporters of legalizing casinos suggest that integrated resorts can help the local community to grow quickly and have success in the tourism sector as well. There were in fact talks of building the “World’s largest integrated resort” in Yokohama or Tokyo. However, it has always been a stagnant plan. The ones against casinos say that legalizing them can be a sure-shot way of introducing gambling-based crimes in Japan.

A Step for the Future

Casinos are not anything new in the Japanese gaming world. Historically, there are a number of examples of the popularity of casinos and gambling in various sections of society. In our present situation, there is no denying the fact that gambling comes with a few dark areas. There might be security issues and criminal backgrounds to the games. This is why Japan banned casinos in the first place. But now, there is more scope for regulating the games and securing the playing field. So, even if it is a slow and long road – it can be said that there is a serious consideration going on about the legalization of casinos in Japan. And it might actually be for the greater good!

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