Numerous Ways To Use Cryptocurrency

It is becoming evident that cryptocurrency has come to stay. More and more countries are adopting it, and many investors are using it as a secure store of value, shielding themselves from inflation and natural disasters. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to crypto adoption. Investors and traders are scattered everywhere, and so also are various brokers and crypto exchanges.

If you have been around in the space for a while, you must have heard about the Dutch crypto giant, Anycoin Direct. But if you haven’t heard about it, here is a piece to shine a light on the treasure for you. To go far in the crypto space, you need a trusted and reliable crypto broker beside you. It would not only give you excellent advice for your journey but will also help you buy your coins easily and make investing super convenient for you.

So, let’s talk about Anycoin Direct and why you need to keep the broker close as your preferred broker.


Making Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency is Super Easy

Anycoin Direct is a broker located in the Netherlands but has its operation across Europe. The platform was created in 2013, making it one of the oldest in the crypto space. Right from its creation, Anycoin Direct has stuck with its vision of making buying and selling super easy for everyone.

The founders of the platform wanted to build something that would make it very easy for virtually everyone to buy and sell cryptocurrencies of their choice. Today, Anycoin has become a giant broker in the crypto community, particularly in Europe. The platform boasts of more than 40,000 users – thanks to the simplicity of the platform. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin or any other crypto, here should be your go-to place.

A Perfect Place for Beginners to Buy Cryptocurrency

The platform is particularly tailored to beginners. It offers all the resources needed for a beginner to have a wonderful experience buying or selling cryptocurrency. It has a clean and user-friendly interface that even makes it easy for even a first-timer to find their way around.

Additionally, there are real-time guides on the platform to help beginners easily find their way around buying cryptocurrency. That makes Anycoin Direct a perfect place for people new to the cryptocurrency world and who are trying to find their feet in the crypto world.

Excellent Customer Service

Don’t go with any broker if you are not sure it has a support team you can always run to whenever you need help. The customer support team of Anycoin Direct is one of the things that sets it apart in the market. Its support team is fantastic. They work round the clock to make sure users always have solutions to their queries any time they call in – even in the middle of the night and during holidays.

Unlike most brokers out there, the support team of Anycoin is knowledgeable and knows just how to help you find solutions to your problem. They don’t just chunk out stereotyped responses. You get to speak with real humans every time you contact customer support.

More Than 26 Cryptos Available on the Platform

What type of cryptos are you looking to buy? You can rest assured that Anycoin Direct always gets you covered. If you are a seasoned investor, then you will understand how a big deal that can be. The platform offers more than 26 different digital coins, including both the big players and the underdogs.

On Anycoin, you can expect to see even the less prominent coins such as OmiseGo, Neo, and many more. That means it doesn’t matter what type of coin you are looking to buy; this is a one-stop platform for all crypto buying.


Fast and Easy Transaction

Both registration and buying are very easy and fast here. You don’t have to wait forever before you can buy your favorite digital token. In less than two minutes, you will be done with the purchase procedure, and you can expect your coins to arrive in your wallet in no time.

Anycoin Direct offers a wide range of payment options to make it further easier for their customers to use the platform to buy cryptocurrencies. You can buy with bank transfer, credit/debit cards, GiroPay, iDeal, Bancontact, SEPA, MyBank, etc.


How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Anycoin Direct

It doesn’t matter what type of crypto you want to buy; the steps are almost the same. To smoothly purchase your Bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurrency, here are the steps to follow:

  • Register on the platform and verify your account
  • After verification, log into the new account
  • On the top right corner of the screen, when you log in, locate and click the Buy button
  • Choose the type of crypto you want to buy
  • Choose your preferred payment option
  • Complete the transaction by clicking on the Buy button

Once it’s done, wait a couple of minutes to receive your newly purchased coins in your wallet

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