The Effect of Casinos' Lobbyists on US Sports Betting

The battle for the legalization of sports betting in the US started the day the federal government signed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992. Nevada was the only state that was exempted. Americans were allowed to wager on game results in Nevada only. 26 years later, the battle was won after the US Supreme Court struck down the Act.

Opposition from lobbyists made the ruling drag for many years

Many Americans are happy today that they can bet now online in most states. However, the battle went through a rough road. Lobbyists strongly opposed the legalization of sports betting in other states.

They seemed to win all through until when stakeholders throughout the US joined to create a bigger force. Even after the supreme court’s historical ruling, anti-casino lobbying has not stopped to date.

Different reasons raised by lobbyists

The gaming industry in the US has been undergoing an expensive tug of war. The complex war is led by spirited lobbyists who have taken an interest in the political divide. The lobbyists give different reasons for opposing sports betting. Some say the US gambling market is attracting underage gamblers.

Other groups claim the industry is promoting fake casinos. Still, others claim sports betting has negative effects on society. One of the key lobbyists is Sheldon Adelson. He notes online gambling poses a bigger threat to children.

He has been on ensuring online gambling is outlawed, and the US reverts to the 1992 act. It is important to note that Adelson is a billionaire who has made his fortunes from land-based casinos. According to his argument, underage children can hack security systems to cheat about their age.

Why target online casinos

The 2018 Supreme Court ruling paved the way for legal sports betting. According to John W. Kindt, the legalization might have multiple social-economic effects. They might be destabilized in a way that it will take years to rebuild again.

John is a professor at the University of Illinois and a verbal critique of gambling. He said the online gambling market would likely be lightly regulated, unlike the rules when investing in forex. This means anything that comes will be embraced. According to him, a combination of legal sports betting and smartphones spells an economic disaster.

Some experts say the lobbying goes beyond sports betting and the effects they claim. According to them, it goes deeper into the competition. Some states, such as Nevada, have enjoyed exclusivity through different laws for many years. Customers have traveled for many years to gamble in the state. Online casinos in the other states pose stiff competition.

Effects lobbying has on US sports betting

If lobbyists succeed with their mission, new legislation restricting sports gambling might be put in place. That means stricter rules will be established that control online betting. Some lobbyists seek to bring back the 1992 Act. That means it will become illegal to bet online.

The state governments will lose revenue from gambling. It will affect sportsbooks developers and the many people employed by the US online betting industry. Stakeholders in the sports betting industry have risen to oppose the proposals and hope for a big win.

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