The First Luxurious Skyscraper From a Car Brand — Bently Residence

Branded Luxurious Skyscraper — Bently Residence Can Become Your Home in 2026

Extravagance brands are continually searching for an opportunity to make ever bigger ventures. New projects added to the brand representation and, in a real sense, inundate the customer. First, it was Aston Martin with its extravagant townhouses. Then, at that point, penthouses in Los Angeles from McLaren. 

High-end vehicle manufacturer, Bentley Motors, didn’t want to fall behind. The company decided to build a home for the privileged. It will be the highest building in the Sunny Isles, as stated by architects.

Dezer joins Bentley in this project. This development is an estate agency from the South of Florida. Bentley residences becomes the pioneer in Bentley’s collection, but they do not plan to stop. Who knows, maybe one day Bentley will grow into a separate estate building company. Dezer has taken part in creating sumptuous structures: Porsche and Armani towers. 

Sieger Suarez Engineers, who will supervise Bentley’s new home plan, is another important figure of the project. Adrian Trademark, company’s chief, says inner and outer environments will be “founded on development, manageability, and uniqueness.”

Bentley Residences — The First Tower of the Car Giant

A suburb of Miami Beach (Florida) was chosen as the construction spot. It is known under the nickname “Little Moscow” because of the large number of Russian residents. Porsche Design Tower, another automobile skyscraper, is not seen as a direct competitor. 

The 60-plus-story house with a height of over 228 meters will be mostly built and designed by the Dezer Development. Bentley’s designers will also add the “DNA” of the British brand. It should be noticeable in every detail. The slight finishing touches will add a special spirit to the whole building. The project’s authors want the towers’ inhabitants to “rethink their home and interact with the space from within.”

The rounded shape of the building ensures that each apartment will have an ocean view. Car company wants to build more than two hundred of them with large view windows. All residences will have a balcony, saunas, and swimming pools. The personal garage will be equipped with a spiral elevator and can store multiple cars. Interiors will be made using green materials. They are fashionable and follow the local laws. Miami Council encourages eco-buildings.

In addition, future residents are promised to have access to several spas, gyms, restaurants, and bars. All of them will also have VIP access to the Bentley’s SPA Club and the branded beach complex. The tower welcomes families with pets and children too. Skyscrapers’ residents can use the services of pet amenities or hire nannies to entertain kids at special playgrounds. A convenient transportation system is another plus. Commuting from the residence to beaches, clubs, and city center will be quick and easy.

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