The Health and Beauty Industry's Top Magazines for 2020

No, magazines are not dead. While demand for print magazines has dramatically decreased over the last few years, many magazine companies are thriving.

While some still offer print magazines, most publications have moved to online magazines in part or in full. When it comes to the top magazines for beauty and wellness, you still have an abundance of choices, whatever your formatting preference. While health and beauty can technically exist as two different categories, they definitely overlap more often than not.

Wondering what the best beauty magazines are in 2021? Looking for the best health magazines to help you prioritize wellness? Keep reading to see our top recommendations for the upcoming year.

  1. Healthy Magazine

Healthy Magazine is one of the top magazines for women in the US and the world. They combine a passion for health, food, beauty, and fitness.

While the Healthy Magazine website hosts one of the most popular health and beauty blogs, they also have a digital magazine that is published eight times per year.

The digital magazine is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the magazine anywhere on your phone or tablet. Get the scoop on effective weight loss techniques, tips for eating and sleeping better, managing your mental health, and much more.

  1. Women’s Health

Women’s Health is a lifestyle magazine that covers all things health, living a nutritious life, staying fit, and sex. They offer both physical print subscriptions as well as digital-only subscriptions.

When you subscribe to either format, you’ll also receive member-exclusive email newsletters and access to exclusive articles on their site. As a member of the print subscription, you’ll also receive content about effective fitness challenges that you can implement right away.

The magazine is published 10 times per year. Each issue features a celebrity living a healthy, fit lifestyle that you can model for inspiration.

  1. Healthy Aging

Healthy Aging is a magazine geared towards middle-aged adults, Content is centered around making positive, healthy decisions as you approach the later years of life.

Topics cover physical health and mental health, fitness, beauty, and others such as finances and travel. Healthy aging offers a digital subscription publishing four times per year.

  1. Elle

Originating in Paris, France shortly after WWII, Elle is the premier beauty and fashion magazine across the globe. It’s the largest fashion magazine in the world, distributing to dozens of different countries.

You can expect tips on fashion trends, beauty, health, as well as content around pop culture and entertainment. Elle, meaning “she” or “her” in french, is all about encouraging and empowering women, as well as informing them about what matters in our day.

Elle offers a print subscription with nine issues per year. When you subscribe, you’ll also get instant digital access to issues.

  1. Eating Well

So much of our health depends on what we eat. Eating Well understands this and focuses on healthy, delicious recipes and clean, guilt-free eating.

You can find tons of tips and recipes for those with specialized diets and diabetes. You’ll find meal plans and other healthy lifestyle tips.

Along with their print and digital magazine, they also offer cookbooks. You can even combine a subscription to Eating Well with All Recipes for maximum healthy inspiration throughout the year.

  1. Allure

Allure is a women’s beauty magazine that is published by Condé Nast. Headquartered in New York City, this magazine is focused on US readers.

One of the highlights of the magazine is the annual Best of Beauty awards, which takes place in October. It focuses on the products that are positively changing the beauty industry.

They include recommendations for skincare, as well as their favorite products for dry skin so you can enjoy the skin you are in.

They also aren’t afraid to touch on controversial subjects, such as the risk of breast implants, or other beauty and fashion hot topics. But the main focus is to empower women to be happy and confident in their own skin.

Multiple subscription options are available, including six-month print and digital, 12-month print and digital, or the Allure Beauty Box, featuring multiple beauty products.

  1. Shape

Shape Magazine is the number one women’s fitness magazine. It focuses on diet, fitness, and beauty.

You can expect tips on looking great, eating well with delicious recipes, getting fit with specific exercises, as well as sex, mental health, and other engaging topics. You can subscribe to Shape to get 10 printed magazines per year.

  1. Marie Claire

Marie Claire is a French and British magazine focused on international women and issues, along with health, beauty, and fashion. Experience and educate yourself on all things womanhood, such as who is influencing the fashion scene and political issues that primarily affect women.

When you subscribe for a print subscription, you can choose one or two years at a time. You’ll also get complimentary access to current digital issues as well as past issues.

  1. Essence

The premier lifestyle magazine geared towards African American women, Essence covers fashion, beauty, entertainment, and culture. You can expect articles about hair, celebrities, love, and current trends and news.

Essence Magazine also led way to the Essence Music Festival, which has become the nation’s largest musical gathering of African American artists. Notable appearances over the years have included Destiny’s Child, Alisha Keys, Beyoncé, and even Barack Obama.

You can subscribe to the print subscription to receive six issues per year, as well as digital access.

  1. Self

Self is an online magazine focused on women’s style along with health and beauty. Self is also part of the Condé Nast family of publications.

Enjoy articles from some of the top writers about relationships, getting fit, modern issues facing women and minorities, and much more.

No subscription is required as all articles for Self are published on their website.

Subscribing to the Top Magazines

Print magazines are becoming less and less common. As avid readers, it’s up to us to continue subscribing and showing our support to the top magazines that produce life-improving content on a regular basis.

Considering that magazines are so cheap, often only a dollar or two per issue, it makes sense to subscribe to a handful and fill your mailbox with joy each month. After all, the first step towards living a healthier and happier lifestyle is knowledge, learning, and inspiration.

Looking for more articles like this? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog today.

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