Blesket Canada is a pen company founded in 1993 by Olaf Blæske. From day one, Blesket Canada has been about pens. Their designs are bold, colorful, original, and playful. As their brand has grown, so have our product offerings. In addition to their famous pens, Blesket Canada now offers a wide range of stationery products, gift items, art supplies, and skincare. The company started as a father-son company that now consists of 9 family members. They manufacture custom pens, rollerballs as well as pencils.

Kaweco Pen

Though Kaweco pens are most often associated with the German Bauhaus style, the company actually started in 1908 in Leipzig, Germany, by Christian Blés and Carl Lauber. Blés was a graduate of the Ulm School of Arts and Crafts, known for their functionalist design philosophy, and Lauber was a trained lithographer. Blés and Lauber believed that “The design should be simply and plainly functional, using simple, pure lines and shapes.” For the next 40 years, the company produced and distributed pens and pencils designed to match the functionalist aesthetics of the Bauhaus.

The Kaweco Pen  is an iconic pen design by Kaweco. It is famed for its shape and design and is one of the most iconic pens of the modern era. Unlike most luxury pens, the pen is not made of precious metals or resin but of plain, uncontaminated wood.

In 1982, Kaweco introduced the Sport Classic, a plastic fountain pen that continues to sell strongly, even 35 years after the introduction of its sibling, the Kaweco Sport. Of the 28,000+ fountain pens sold by Kaweco, the Sport Classic is the most popular; it was even Kaweco’s best-selling fountain pen for five weeks in 2017. But beyond the Sport’s enduring popularity, its story speaks to Kaweco’s business success and pen enthusiasts who appreciate quality materials and workmanship.

Advantages of Kaweco Pen in Canada

Kaweco pens are popular for their distinctive retro design, which is inspired by classic art deco architecture. They are particularly known for producing inexpensive, high-quality fountain pens, but Kaweco also makes ballpoint pens, rollerballs, and mechanical pencils.

Kaweco pens create a smooth writing experience, which is due to the lead-free inks these pens use. The ink is water-resistant, and the nibs are made of stainless steel. These pens are refillable, so they’re environmentally friendly, and they come in a variety of colors and designs. Kaweco pens are also affordable, making them a great choice for writers of all ages and budgets.

The Kaweco Sport, available in the colors orange, blue, and green, is an ultra-lightweight pen. It feels almost weightless in hand, with a smooth writing experience that flows effortlessly. The Sport’s triangular shape and clip make it easy to hold, and its stainless-steel barrel and cap add to its durability. The Kaweco Sport is a great choice for anyone looking for a writing instrument that is reliable, comfortable, and long lasting.

Kaweco pens have been a favorite for decades. Unlike metal pens that are more of a status symbol, Kaweco pens are affordable, fun, and easy to use. In fact, Kaweco pens are so affordable and fun that they are one of the cheapest pens in the world. In fact, Kaweco has been around since 1928 and has sold more than 70 million pens over the years. The popularity of Kaweco pens stems from their high quality, affordability, and educational value, making these pens the perfect gifts for someone special or yourself.

Disadvantages of Kaweco Pen 

No good converter option is the disadvantage of Kaweco Pen. Some pen users don’t know how to use the converter as pen beginners. Therefore, the converter could be said to practical life. The practical life of the converter is 1-2 weeks of using time. After using it for a period of time, the converter will run out of ink, and then the pen has no way to refill the ink. The practical life of the converter is the disadvantage of the Kaweco Pen. Smaller for larger hands is one of the disadvantages of the Kaweco Pen. Although the pen is officially 3.2” long, many find it too short. The shortness of the pen means it isn’t comfortable to hold for long writing sessions.

Although the squeeze converter holding little ink is one of the disadvantages of the Kaweco Pen, it also has good advantages. The squeeze converter pen always lays flat on the desk and does not obstruct your vision. The hold in the grip of the squeeze converter pen is not tight, so you can hold the squeeze converter pen comfortably. The pen is also easy to clean, and the squeeze converter pen can be disassembled.

Types of Kaweco Fountain Pens in Canada

Kaweco skyline sport fountain pen

This is a sporty pen with a beautifully curved barrel that is made of aluminum. The pen has an attractive chrome-plated clip and cap. It also features a push-button action on the converter, which releases ink to allow the pen to use ink cartridges. The Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen is available in four colors: black, blue, red, and green.

Kaweco STUDENT fountain pen

One of the best models from the Kaweco STUDENT series is, without a doubt, the STUDENT fountain pen. It is an elegant pen that comes in a variety of colors, which makes it really easy to find a pen that matches your style and personality. The Kaweco STUDENT fountain pen has a retractable nib, which makes it really easy to carry this pen around. The 18k gold nib is refillable, making this pen even more practical.

Kaweco brass sport fountain pen

It employs the Kaweco rollerball refill, which is easy to use, easy to maintain, and compatible with most plastic Kaweco rollerball refills, as well as the Kaweco Sports ink, which comes in 22 vibrant colors, is waterproof, and perfect for daily writing.

Kaweco parker fountain pen

Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen is a consistent bestseller. Perkeo Fountain Pen is paired with a unique technical filling mechanism. The piston filling system is as compact as it is reliable and offers superb ink flow. The fine nib of the Perkeo, made of chromed brass, offers optimal writing comfort. The body of the pen is made of anodized aluminum.

Kaweco Liliput fountain pen fireblue

The Kaweco Liliput fountain pen features an aluminum body with stainless steel accents and a steel nib. The Kaweco Liliput fountain pen comes in three ink colors: black, blue, and red. Kaweco Liliput fountain pens are available with nibs that range from flexible to extra fine, as well as sizes that range from M to 1.1 mm.

Kaweco Sport fountain pen 

The Kaweco Sport is one of the most popular fountain pens in the world, and it’s easy to see why. One of the best parts about the Kaweco Sport is that it can be carried just about anywhere. The slim design makes it easy to slip into a pocket or purse, and the Kaweco Sport fountain pen is available in various colors.


Kaweco Pen is a Pen Manufacturer that specializes in providing excellent Pens with customized designs. They offer great packaging with their stylish pens that will ensure the best presentation of your brand.

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