The ideal service in Shopify: how do customers see it today?

Through quality service, companies can significantly increase consumer trust. This activates one of the main and most profitable tools for attracting traffic – word of mouth. Today we are going to talk about how you see the ideal customer service and how you can implement it in your online store on Shopify.

The main components of quality customer service

Customer service is the support a company provides before, during, and after the purchase of a product. The level of customer service determines your ability to maintain current customers, attract new ones, and grow your business. Therefore, shopify customer support plays an important function. 

The service does not only include traditional Q&A consultations. Everything is important:

  • Live online dialog in various channels;
  • The style, format and tone of communication;
  • The functionality and fast loading of the pages of the site;
  • convenience of order placement;
  • fast assembly and shipment;
  • provision of guarantees;
  • prompt resolution of problems;
  • keeping promises (on discounts, delivery times, and so on).

It is necessary not to blindly follow the standards, but to be as involved as possible, to anticipate needs, to offer the most effective solutions. In this case, the company gets a significant competitive advantage, builds a loyal audience, and increases profits. Additional advantages are decrease of the number of refusals, increase of conversion from one-time clients to loyal ones.

Poor service and inconsistency with customer expectations can ruin a store’s reputation. And it is quite difficult to restore it. That is why it is worth building a customer-oriented business while still on shore.

Customer centricity is necessary at all points of contact and at all stages of the customer’s life cycle: starting with acquaintance, ending with purchase and post-sale communication. Next, let’s break down the points to which you need to pay special attention.

Availability and diversity of communication channels

Most customer inquiries in e-commerce are made by email and phone. But this does not mean that it is necessary to maintain communication only in these ways. You should receive and process messages in a variety of available channels.

If budget allows, it is best to hire a separate community manager for each communication channel. The main task is to provide prompt, professional support. Waiting for a response should not last more than 1 hour. Ideally, it should be up to 5 minutes. The faster the company answers, the higher the probability of a purchase.

Prompt online support service

To solve any problem, Shopify online store customers often call the contact center. Therefore, it is important to create a separate channel to receive these calls.

Suitable payment and delivery methods

Payment and delivery issues are important in e-commerce. The site should have a selection of different tools, among which the visitor will be able to find what is convenient for him.

Electronic wallets account for nearly 50% of all online transactions in the world. About 35% – on bank cards. If the site visitor does not like the payment methods available, the company loses potential profits.

How to implement the perfect service: a step-by-step scheme

What you need to do, in addition to asking for web development shopify, to improve the service in Shopify online store:

  • Develop standards. 
  • Train employees. 
  • Control the service.

Where to take data for analysis:

  • Do email surveys;
  • Do surveys on social networks and chatbots;
  • Add popups with questions on the site;
  • making periodic phone calls.


Customer centricity is one of the keys to success in any business. Pay attention to this nuance, raise the bar in quality standards, and anticipate the needs of your customers. With a customer-centric approach, your Shopify online store will always be one step ahead of the competition.

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