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Csgo smurf accounts are the new thing to try out for every csgo lover. It is an extraordinary account that anyone can use to play the game with some hard to achieve perks like ranks, medals and XP.

People often get bored playing the same type of competitive games in their everyday lives, this is where csgo smurf accounts help them to try out a different skill group and the players get to witness the gameplay difference and enjoy playing it more.

Playing with csgo smurf accounts does not harm the players original account but they get a different one with a different rank and stats to try out matchmaking. The Rank can be of any level between silver to a Global Elite.

Csgo smurf accounts came into the spotlight after Valve made strict changes to ranking systems. The rankups have been very tough since then and the competitive matches have been very tough to play if someone is not having enough players to support.

What Does CSGO Smurfs Actually Mean?

CSGO Smurfs are no superman, players who wish to play in a different skill set level with a new identity are often called smurfs. We already know about Csgo smurf accounts, many players who purchase it to bring a change in their daily gameplay of their own choice are falling into this same category.

For example a player who is originally a Master Guardian by skill group, facing difficulty in competitive matches and wants to take the matchmaking a little casual but keep the fun as it is. They can simply purchase an account of their own Ranking choice, which is lower than the original one like Silver Elite.

When a player joins the matchmaking with other Silver players it is obvious that he or she will perform much better and the team he is in will win because of the skill advantage. These particular players are known as Csgo smurfs. They are not hackers or cheaters, but genuine players who are better in the game compared to the skill level he or she is currently playing in.

What Makes CSGO Prime Accounts Different From Others?

Recently Valve has announced a big change in the game, as we know the game is free to play and the Prime feature has been prioritized. Non prime players won’t be having any Ranks or XP levels. Moreover they won’t be eligible to receive drops. This initiative was taken to get rid of cheaters who were taking advantage of the game being free.

CSGO Prime Accounts are like any other normal account that comes with CSGO but it will have the pre prime setup done. So now the players will not only get advantage of choosing the rank of their own choice and XP levels but will also save their time by getting an account with all setup done along with Prime.

Definitely the game will not keep the same fun now without Prime, if your victory does not get you something in return, then there is no fun winning the matches. Players who were fond of using accounts will now get an additional return in favor, buying prime accounts will not only keep them protected from cheaters, but will also give them the real freedom to play and enjoy CSGO.

Why Does A Player Opt For CSGO Accounts?

Let us first understand what it is and how this works? It is like any other normal account of CSGO a player might purchase from buyacsgo. It will come with a Rank and other features of your choice like Prime, XP levels and Badges. It will be ready to play and a player can instantly start matchmaking.

Now to understand better why do players purchase them, because to get an additional player identity. Someone who already has an account or is looking for a new CSGO profile to make it one of their primary setup generally purchases CSGO Accounts.

Someone who is looking for a new Ranking to try out can go with this option, or players who are new to the game and do not want to spend too much time before starting with the game can go ahead with the option without any second thought.

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