The Main Types of Engagement Rings Explained

Over 2.3 million couples tie the knot every year in the U.S. alone. That’s a lot of engagement rings available to buy. For some brides, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, while for other couples, an emerald, a solid band, even something custom-made is what will make this engagement special.

With the different types of engagement rings available, choosing the right one might take several trips to a jeweler; then again, it could be love at first sparkle.

Whether you are a groom choosing the ring for your bride-to-be, a future bride who has been window shopping since you were twelve, or a couple choosing together, buying an engagement ring should be an enjoyable experience. Continue reading this guide for help in selecting the perfect ring.

Vintage or Modern

When buying an engagement ring, you should know your preferences or those of the person receiving it. There are a few main differences between vintage and modern engagement ring styles.

One big contrast between vintage and modern styles is the cut. Vintage diamonds look smaller because the cut is at a deeper angle. They are also cut in a way that maximizes the sparkle of the diamond, as they were shown off in candle or firelight.

Modern diamonds with a grade of D-F are the preferred choice for engagement ring settings and are considered “colorless.” They start to show a yellow tint the further down the grade scale they are. Most vintage diamonds are not colorless due to the rarity at the time of quality diamonds.

Vintage rings tend to be elaborate and unique because most were handcrafted. Diamond rings tend to be simple and sleek, without the individual detail the vintage contains.

Color of the Stone

Diamond engagement rings became popular in the late 1940s. Up until then, colored gemstones or bands, like these wedding rings, were most common. In recent years the colored stone has made a comeback, with many celebrities sporting them on their fingers.

Aside from choosing a color your partner will love, gemstone colors also have special meanings. Pink, for example, is a token of love, beauty, and lasting affection. Blue signifies peace, spirituality, and positivity.

Types of Engagement Rings: The Shape

The shape of an engagement ring is often what draws someone to it. The round cut has been a favorite for many years due to its classic nature, as well as its ability to have other stones added to the design tastefully.

Coming a close second in recent years is the oval cut diamond. It looks elegant on the finger and takes up space, which allows the diamond to stand out.

Other popular cuts include princess, pear, marquise, cushion, and emerald.

What Metal Should I Choose?

There are four main metals used in creating engagement ring bands and settings; yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

Platinum is a durable metal but is more expensive than most gold bands. The different variations of gold all go well with diamonds but may need replating over time.

Yellow or silver coloring is a personal preference, and trying on a ring is the best way to see how the metal will look on the bride-to-be.

Find the Best Engagement Ring

No matter where you look, you will find all different types of engagement rings. Finding the engagement ring of your dreams is only a matter of picturing what you want on your finger forever and beginning the search.

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