The Most Striking Ways to Style Your Emerald Jewellery

Emeralds are a favourite amongst jewellery enthusiasts because of their exceptional beauty and alluring green colour, which have made them cherished for a very long time. Jewellery made of emeralds may give any outfit a touch of elegance and sophistication, from beautiful earrings to striking necklaces. It can be challenging to know where to begin, though, with so many different methods to style these priceless stones.

Keep calm as we provide the most eye-catching strategies to wear your emerald jewellery designs! We have everything you need, whether you prefer solid dramatic or delicate, serene pieces. So, let’s explore all the styling options for your emerald jewellery!

  1. A Signature Emerald Ring with a Cocktail Dress

A signature Emerald Ring is a classic accessory that should be worn in splendour. Start by picking a simple, elegant dress that goes with the colour and style of the ring if you want to wear it with an evening dress. A little black dress is a timeless option, but an outfit in the colour of sapphire or amethyst might also highlight the emerald.

Once you’ve selected the dress, opt for minimalistic accessories that won’t compete with the ring’s stunning beauty. A pair of diamond studs and a delicate bracelet will do the trick. Finally, slip on your bold Emerald Ring, letting it take centre stage on your finger. Its deep green hue will contrast beautifully against your skin and add a touch of luxury to your look. Now you’re ready to turn heads and make a statement with your sophisticated and glamorous outfit.

  • An Opulent Emerald Pendant with an Organza Saree

To showcase the opulence of an emerald pendant with an organza saree, start by draping the saree in a way that highlights the pendant. Choose a solid-coloured saree in a complementary shade to the pendant, such as rich burgundy or deep green. Drape the saree in a classic style, with pleats and the pallu flowing over the shoulder. Wear the emerald pendant on a simple gold chain, letting the pendant be the outfit’s focal point. Keep the rest of the jewellery minimal, and let the pendant shine. Style the hair in a sleek updo and add a touch of gold to the eyes and lips for a glamorous look.

  • A Pair of Statement Emerald Earrings with a Lehenga

To make a statement with emerald earrings when wearing a lehenga, choose a lehenga in a rich, vibrant colour that complements the green of the earrings. Wear the hair in a sleek bun or braid to showcase the earrings. Keep the neckline simple, and choose a choli with minimal embellishments. Let the earrings be the outfit’s focal point, and keep other jewellery to a minimum. Wear a bold lip colour to match the vibrancy of the lehenga, and add a touch of gold to the eyes for a glamorous look. Walk confidently and let the earrings speak for themselves, making a bold statement wherever you go.


Any outfit can be enhanced by wearing beautiful and versatile emerald jewellery. Emeralds are the ideal choice for any event, whether you’re looking forward to making a statement with a pair of spectacular earrings or adding a touch of glamour with an attractive pendant. No matter how you decide to wear it, emerald jewellery will make you feel fashionable and confident because of its deep green colour and everlasting charm. Therefore, don’t be scared to try new looks and combinations and make your emerald jewellery sparkle and shine!

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