The Most Trending Makeup Looks for This Winter

There is so much to love about the winter season, the warm, snug winter outfits, the holidays and of course the travelling. It is a season full of joy and enthusiasm that involves drinking hot cocoa and wearing socks, what is not to love? But something that is above all this is trying out different kinds of winter makeup looks that go well with the latest winter fashion trends and holiday settings.

With makeup being considered a crucial art form in the modern era, getting a makeup artist course has become all the rage. And for good reason, a professional makeup artist equipped with a makeup artist course is full of insightful tips and skills that bring out the beauty of a face. Therefore, we asked the experts and formulated a list of some key makeup tips for winter along with some of the trending makeup looks. From bold eye makeup look to a chic holiday look, here are the most trending makeup looks for winter and you can also check contour palette.

  1. The Dark Red Lipstick with a Winged Eyeliner Look.

A winter makeup look without red lipstick and a winged eyeliner combination almost feels incomplete. It is a classic, timeless look that you can’t go wrong rocking any winter. Check out amazing eyebrows to get an amazing look Ombre Powder Brows.

You can make it look lively and fresh by trying out multiple shades of satin lipsticks and pairing it with a brown and gold eyeshadow. Or you can go all out with a moody and dramatic look by applying dark eyeshadows and bright blood-red lipstick to go with your winter outfits

It is advised to avoid using bright blushes as this look bodes well with simple and matte makeup on the rest of your face. You can define your facial contours with minimalist shades of peach with some brown and use a champagne gold highlight on the high points of your face to finish off the whole look.

  1. The Cateye look

With cultural sensations like Ariana Grande, Rihanna and many others rocking the iconic cat eyes look, it is safe to say that the classic look is shaping up to make a huge return this winter.

Cateyes are a really easy and alluring way to play up your eyes. You can go all traditional with just a black liner or, if you choose to be a bit more flamboyant, you can add some glitter liner. Do not be afraid to go wild with a bolder colour. You can control the thickness of your liner by changing the pressure with which you press down the liner. A pro tip is to apply your eyeliner starting from the end of your eye and aiming towards the top of your ears. Then you can slowly glide it inwards to get a perfect look!

  1. A Full Glam Makeup

With full glam makeup, you can accentuate both your lips and eyes at the same time. Get dramatic with a multicoloured eyeshadow paired with matte lipstick, lots of glitters, and a blinding highlighter. You can even achieve a monochromatic look from eyelash to brow by washing some eyeshadow all over the lid, right up to the crease. It is important to use colours belonging to the same family to add slight definition.

It is crucial to remember that prepping your lips is key to getting a sharp pout. So ensure that you apply some limp balm, fill in your lips with a matte lip crayon and add some concealer around the mouth before applying the matte lip product.

  1. Glow Makeup Look

Although winter usually brings matte looks when it comes to skin and makeup, changing it up with a glow makeup look will be huge this winter season. To achieve this look we recommend using a sweeping blush along with a bronzer above the cheekbones right from the temple up to the nose. To find your best light, use some highlighter across the top.

Use an ultra glossy lip product to get that damp and glowy result. To add some dimension and create a perception of depth you can polish off your colour product with a glossy highlighter.

  1. Coral Makeup Look

The Coral makeup look never goes out of fashion due to its dewy and natural appearance. It is one of the best makeup looks that suits almost all skin tones. You can add some much-needed warmth back into your winter looks with subtle shades of peach, pink, orange and nude.

To get a diffused effect, you can dab a preferred shade of your colour with your finger and get those popsicle-stained lips that have been the rage this winter season. Sweeping some coral blush high across your cheekbones will add some subtle yet powerful definition.

This winter, mix it up a little by following these trends to get a look that is in vogue. If you wish to develop your skills, getting a makeup artist course to make your own cosmetics is a no-brainer in today’s world. Get equipped with professional skills and industry secrets to be on top of your makeup game.

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