The Must-Have Project Management Software Features

Airtable is a project management, online collaboration and database management tool all rolled into one. The developers have created a system that is very user-friendly and highly versatile. Teams using it can organize their work, track items, airtable cost plan events, and manage inventories. This Airtable review will demonstrate how the software is different from alternative options because the interface is more like an app that even beginners can use. The interface is simple and there are many helpful icons and labels that help users navigate. It also offers customization options that make it an even more attractive choice for collaborating teams.

What Kind of Project Management Tool is Airtable?

Airtable is a completely online system which allows a team to create, share, collaborate and save in real-time. They can access files collectively and edit them together as well. It is much easier for a manager to view ideas, add tasks, and define dependencies from within the system.

The process is similar to a Google Doc where multiple users can be invited to view, edit, and comment on a file. The document can contain simple lists or extensive databases related to the smooth running off the project. According to most Airtable reviews, these files are linked so it is easier to complete tasks using the platform.

Airtable Costs and Subscription Plans

There are multiple subscription plans available for the software and they include Free, Pro, Plus, and Enterprise. Airtable costs can go down depending on the discounts and special plans available for certain types of organizations.

The free version includes unlimited databases and there is no restriction on the number of users you can invite to collaborate on the project. There is however a storage capacity of 2 GB and users can only add 1,200 records. That number might sound inconsequential but it is a very generous offer considering the number of features uses get for free. Teams can set up 100 automated tasks relevant to sending reminders, creating calendar items, and setting conditions on specific events.

The Plus account offers next level service and the Airtable costs come out to be $12 per user every month or $120 for the whole year. It offers unlimited databases, collaborators, and the number of records per database is 5,000. The number of automated tasks is also increased to 5,000 and teams have 5 GB worth of storage space.

With the Pro account the Airtable costs go up to $24 per user every month or $240 for the whole year but teams also receive a higher-tier of service. The number of records per database and automated tasks increase to 50,000 and storage space is increased to 20 GB. Users get priority technical support and they have access to custom branded forms along with other advanced features not available with the other packages.

Highlighted Features

Database Management

The records can be expanded into a complete view and allow users to see every detail. Airtable reviews compliment the fact that there is no need for the page to reload or a new window to open to view the entire file. Users can add details to the record, edit it and share it in the full view but these options will not be available from the grid.

The inventory database for an organization will have the list of all items in the grid view and see critical information in the subsequent columns at a glance. However, expanding the record will provide all details such as the order history, number of units, supplier information and other relevant attachments without closing the current grid or opening any new pages.

Collaboration Options

Collaboration is the cornerstone of Airtable software and it allows managers to limit the accessibility of their files go specific users. There are four permission levels that the file owner or creator can set for their database. The first one is an extension of the same privileges that the manager enjoys. This means the users have complete access to the records, they can change the permission level for other users and edit or delete any of the records.

The second option gives editor access which means users can add, edit, delete and modify records. They are able to comment on the cards and these permissions are extended to every record in the database. The third level is restricted to comments only. The users at this tier can access the entire database but they can only view the records and add comments. They do not have the permission to make any changes.

The bottom most level is the read-only access which means anyone with the permission can view the database records but not comment on them or make changes.

Task Automation

Airtable reviews mention the new task automation feature available on the software. These include options for automating tasks based on specific triggers. Users can set “if, then” conditions that will automatically set off a chain of events. For example, it can create a chat group every time a new record is created. The module only supports limited triggers and automated tasks but it covers the most basic requirements.

Additional Plug-ins

Airtable software now features an apps marketplace too. These are plug-in features that provide additional functionality to any account. One example is Gantt charts which can be created from within the platform using an extension. There are tables, widgets and preview options that become available with the help of these apps. There are some options with extensive functionalities and help users export information and create visuals or presentations using them.

Software Integration

Airtable has the ability to connect with a number of online and offline platforms. Some of the most common integrations are Google Drive, Zendesk, Asana, GitHub, SalesForce and Trello software. Airtable reviews mention it’s compatibility with social media apps such as Instagram as well. It can also connect with Zapier or IFTTT and allow users to plug-in their third-party services to the platform. The company can also provide users with the API if they have specific integration requirements.

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