The Newest Tips for Spotify Promotion for Music Artists

Spotify makes it possible to promote your songs without having to leave the platform. As an upcoming singer, there are a lot of tools within the platform that you can use. Here are some ideas to consider to promote your music.

Use Spotify for Artists

To promote your music with this tool, you need to claim and verify your artist profile. It will not be wise to upload music on Spotify without claiming your profile. The process does not take long and is easy to finish without any help. 

This section allows you to manage audio, update your artist profile and manage video ads. You may also need to use it to view stats on your tracks on the platform.

Get more Spotify followers

Followers on Spotify can play a significant role in getting your songs to a larger audience. You need to build your followers, and there are a few things you can do. Start by embedding the follow button on your website. Placing this follow button on your site is an excellent way to draw in new followers.

An email newsletter is another way to attract more followers to your Spotify page. You can send out a message to your email list and request that they follow you. Give them a reason to follow you. You would be surprised at how many new followers you will amass with this feature. 

Using social media can also help you to gather new followers on Spotify. You can send a message to your social platforms and ask your followers to follow you on Spotify. From time to time, you may share your tracks, and they may engage it. However, this is not enough. You need to do more by asking them to share, follow, and like.

Pitch to playlists 

Pitching to playlists also comes in handy. It seems like the most important marketing aspect. However, while it is essential, you should not neglect others and focus on them. Playlist promotion can impact your monthly listeners and react positively.

Before pitching to playlists, you should understand how playlists work as well as the different kinds. Also, learn the different ways to pitch to Spotify curators. 

You need new tracks if you want to pitch to an editorial or official playlist. This is not the same for personal ones created by individual playlist curators. Spotify also has algorithmic playlists that it generates. You cannot pitch to these.

Add lyrics to your songs

This is another way to promote your song. It allows your song to display with lyrics on Spotify as users play it. You can use Musixmatch or Genius to make this happen. However, Musixmatch is more reliable as it offers more functionality. You can use it to sync the lyrics in real-time to the music. However, you may need to get verified on Spotify before using this feature.


These tips show you some important ways to promote your music on Spotify. Sometimes you may not need a big marketing budget; you can work with the tools provided. 

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