5 Superb Benefits Of Booking Short-Term Rentals You Should Know

With almost a year’s gap from traveling, you might have to recall your road habits. Remember that all trips from now on might need a few more cautionary measures to avoid the COVID infection. Especially if you are a senior citizen, you need to take extra steps to ensure safe travel.

The pandemic has had a dire effect on our abilities to venture outside freely. So here is a list of what we might have to chuck off from our traveling habits for the sake of safety:

Saying No to Travel Insurance

You might be wondering, “Why pay for a policy for something I do maybe twice a year?” The answer is, accidents come without an invitation. When an unexpected pandemic can suddenly grip the global population, a tragedy while traveling on an individual level hardly seems like a stretch to the imagination. If you are ever looking to travel to Oklahoma , you absolutely must check this Sanelo’s guide on moving to Oklahoma.

Travel risks are often unknown. There can be theft, robbery, or even a medical emergency. You should invest and stay insured lest these emergencies come up during your travel. In times of a pandemic, travel insurance can help you pay off hospital bills without breaking your bank. Moreover, it is an emergency fund that can come in handy if you test positive during your travel. 

Not Making a Doctor’s Visit

Traveling is becoming normal again, but going abroad during a pandemic is still new and needs extra precautions. This is why it is best to book a doctor’s visit before you book your ticket. They can run an assessment to check if you are fit to travel. 

Most airlines nowadays ask for a vaccination card and a COVID test certificate. It is to ensure that you are infection-free and do not pose any problem to fellow passengers and the general public. 

Doctors can also help with packing travel medicines. You can ask them about which emergency medicines are best-suited for traveling during a pandemic. 

Not Staying Wary Of Outside Food

When traveling abroad, we love to gorge on local delicacies. These can be pastries, savories, some great drinks; you are spoilt with choices. However, during these times, it is best to keep an eye out for outside food. Staying inside for this prolonged period might have weakened your immunity to street-food delicacies. 

While it can be tough to ignore something delicious, we need to think about our health first. If you are keen on gorging on street foods, here are some tips:

  • Bring them back to your hotel, and heat them for safety against contamination
  • Avoid drinks. You can make a few glasses at home for your group to enjoy
  • Try opting for vegetarian options. They can help with nutrition intake. 
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day

Many accommodation services such as the Kasa specialize in preparing guest rooms with fully furnished kitchens. So there is no need to worry about stirring up some home-cooked meals once in a while. 

Not Choosing Covid-Friendly Hotels

During the pandemic, it is best to look for safety before affordability. Although, some places might offer both! Places like Kasa’s short-term rentals in Nashville can help book you in for the best living experience.

Opt for hotels that have strict social distancing norms, no-contact services, and online payment options. Self-check-ins, keyless hotel doors, fully-furnished kitchens, and washrooms are all signs of a place prioritizing your safety during this pandemic. 


In conclusion, traveling and having fun during the pandemic are all possible when you are safe. Following the safety protocols can help you later plan for maybe another long vacation when the pandemic is just a thing of the past. 


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