Dash cams have revolutionized the way we look at safety on the road. Or, specifically, how we keep ourselves safe by collecting crucial evidence when we need it most. 

As a compact and easy-to-install device, it’s no surprise that more and more vehicle owners are opting for added security and surveillance. 

For those that are still unsure about the value of dash cams – a quick search on YouTube attests to the powerful footage that you can collect. Long gone are the days when insurance claims are long and messy arguments. 

This little but vital piece of technology is now a must-have for any vehicle owner. 

Yet, not all dash cams are built equally. As with any market where there is a high demand for goods, items of variable quality pop up. If you are going to invest in something to protect your vehicle and your family – you want something that will function optimally under all conditions.

Cobra, a long-running player in the auto tech accessories and equipment industry, is finally making its dash cams accessible to the public as Proof Dash Cams

Although you might even already be using their dash cam without knowing it. Top car manufacturers like Mazda, BMW, Renault, Nissan, and Citroën often install Cobra’s system even before the vehicle passes to the customer. With already more than 50 000 dash cams sold to consumers, it’s now being rolled out to more markets.

The idea for the Proof Dash Cam wasn’t a quickly dreamed-up product. Cobra has over 30 years of experience in the car aftermarket industry specializing in safety and security products.

So, it was only natural that it would channel that decades-long of experience into a technology that simplifies everyday life. 

The aim was to create something that makes the world safer by allowing technology to lend a hand when it comes to our human shortcomings.

Unfortunately, the road can be a dangerous place. Not only for accidents but a whole host of other things can happen. Fake accident scams are rampant, you can be issued an unjustified traffic ticket, or someone can hold you accountable for damages.

Being falsely accused of acts of vandalism or even of causing fatalities can completely change your life. 

If you have a high-quality dash cam, you have all the evidence you need to avoid these situations. The Proof Dash Cam has extended video coverage with two premium high-quality dash cams, front and rear. 

Thanks to its fantastic ACG night vision capabilities, the quality of the footage is the same day and night. All the HD footage is securely and automatically stored in the cloud, so even if your vehicle gets stolen, you have all the evidence saved.

Most dash cams currently on the market only focus on recording capabilities. They tend to completely disregard the importance of security cameras. However, the Proof Dash Cam allows you to always have access to live footage of your car and its surroundings on your app, even when parked.

Thanks to the integrated sim card, you always have uninterrupted access to your car – no Wi-Fi required!

The Proof FR400 Dash Cam fills this gap with its LTE solar engine sporting very high video compressing capabilities. This enables users to enjoy smooth real-time sharp footage of the front and back of their vehicle, all easily accessed on a cellphone. 

One of the dash cam’s most important features is that you also receive an instant notification in case of a collision, whether you are driving or your vehicle is stationary. If someone else is driving your vehicle, the two-way audio means you can instantly get in touch to understand what’s going on. 

Maximize your safety and enhance your senses with Proof to make your life a little safer every day. 

For more information visit Proof Dash Cam 

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