Auto-flowering cannabis strains have come a long way, and they now have better potencies, pleasant aromas, and better yields. They originate from the cross-breeding or cannabis ruderalis and either Sativa or indica dominants producing plants that flower automatically when they reach a certain age regardless of the light exposure.

That simply means they flower depending on the age rather than the light. Since auto-flowers originate from regions with shorter summers, they adapted to the low light exposure by blooming upon maturation. That makes them manageable, especially for beginner growers. Here are the perks of auto-flowering cannabis strains.

A shorter growth period

One advantage of choosing auto-flowering cannabis strains from the United Strains of America is that they have a shorter growth period than photoperiod strains. Photoperiod varieties can take up to four months to reach maturity depending on the strain you plant, but auto-flowers only take 8-10weeks after germination to harvest. Therefore you don’t have to wait long periods to enjoy your hard-earned buds. The shorter growth period makes it advantageous because you can achieve multiple harvests per year.

Simple light demands

One of the greatest reasons why most growers prefer auto-flower strains is because of the simple lighting demand. With a light schedule of 18hours light and 6hours dark, your auto-flowering plants can get from seedlings to harvest successfully. That is such an energy saver, especially when using LED grow lights which consume less energy.

Auto-flowering strains allow you to be flexible with the lighting options, unlike photoperiod strains, where you have to induce the flowering stage by changing the light schedule in the vegetative stage. You might even decide to run the lights for 24hours during the vegetative stage for explosive growth and enhanced yields.

Resilient plants

Autoflowering cannabis plants are known for their resilience to harsh environmental conditions. They contain genetics of the cannabis ruderalis species used to surviving in the extremely cold northern climates, so they have developed resilience over the years. Other than withstanding harsh environments, auto-flower strains can laugh in the face of diseases such as fungi, mildew, mold, pest infestation, and pathogens.

If your grow room tends to be susceptible to such elements, consider growing auto-flowering seeds the next time. They also recover well following overfeeding or underfeeding, making them ideal for novice growers and those who want a smooth cannabis growing experience.

They need fewer nutrients.

You can obtain maximum yields with fewer nutrients when growing auto-flowering cannabis varieties, unlike photoperiod strains that require more nutrients for more vegetative growth and better yields. Furthermore, photoperiod strains need complex formulations of nutrients, while the auto-flowers can do with the bare minimum.

In fact, you can successfully grow auto-flowering cannabis plants with organic nutrients such as compost, moss, wormcasts, etc. The short nature of the plants and the shorter lifespan means that they do not need much fertilizer to reach maturity. You only have to ensure you do not overfeed and underfeed them.

They provide higher CBD levels.

Autoflowering cannabis strains provide higher levels of CBD, the nonpsychoactive compound of cannabis. Many medical cannabis users benefit from higher CBD levels because it enables them to overcome various health problems such as chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, muscle spasms, epilepsy, low appetite, depression, etc. In fact, many breeders have managed to obtain cannabis genetics with high CBD by cross-breeding indicas with cannabis ruderalis.

Can withstand light pollution

Autoflowering cannabis strains can withstand light pollutions much better than photoperiod strains. Bright lights can completely ruin photoperiod plants, especially when initiating the flowering period. Growers of photoperiod strains have to be extremely careful to prevent any light leakage because it is likely to mess up the light schedule running the entire plants.

Thankfully, auto-flowering varieties do not fall prey to light pollution. They are used to low light exposure and follow their own time regardless of the lighting cues they are exposed to.

Provides discreet cultivation

Another advantage of using auto-flowering seeds is that the plants are naturally short-statured, providing you with discreet cultivation, especially if you want to keep your cannabis out of the prying eyes of the public. Naturally, auto-flowering cannabis strains reach a height of 4feet with a compact size and impressive growth speed.

That makes it possible to grow cannabis discreetly or dismantle its operation in the least time possible. You can successfully grow auto-flowering cannabis plants in hidden parts of your field, basements, balconies and other private grow rooms to keep them out of sight and away from thieves.

They are more manageable in size.

Autoflowering varieties are easy to manage in terms of size. You can employ micro-growing if you are looking for a stealthy way to grow your auto-flowers. The purpose of micro-growing is to keep the plants as small as possible while still obtaining maximum yields. That involves growing the plants in modified computer towers, boxes, and buckets. Other growers use low-stress training methods to keep the plants small for discreet cultivation.

Easier growing

Auto-flowering seeds are the most suitable for novice growers because they provide you with a less hassle growing experience, hence easier growing. With the strong cannabis ruderalis genetics in them, the plants are more resilient to weather extremities and can tolerate colder climates. That means you don’t necessarily have to keep an eye on their light cycle as long as they are exposed to sufficient light throughout the growth phase.

Generally, you experience less hassle when growing auto-flowering strains, especially if you are a beginner who wants to craft your cannabis growing experience before moving to photoperiod strains.

Perpetual harvest

One way to take advantage of the shorter life span of the cannabis auto-flowers is to squeeze plants of different harvest stages in the same grow room. You can start with some seedlings, and when they begin to flower, plant more seedlings in the room. That way, you will have flowering plants as you harvest one batch and so forth. That allows you to have multiple harvests a year.


There are many advantages to auto-flowering cannabis strains. Generally, they flower automatically regardless of the light cycle, have a shorter growth period, are more resilient to weather and light extremities, etc.

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