The power of a cybersecurity professional in the 21st century

Cybersecurity professionals are nothing less than saviours in our thriving Information Age. In a world where we are heavily reliant on computers, mobiles and smart devices for personal as well as professional tasks, security becomes a major concern and a high priority. Network defense experts, white hat hackers, forensic investigators and other cybersecurity professionals flood our world for the good as the demand for them rises every year. As courses like ethical hacking course, penetration testing course, and network security course become bestsellers among students and tech enthusiasts, we see more and more promise for a secure digital future at our hands. Truly, these professionals are endowed with a lot of power and purpose to protect our small yet digitally expanding world and they are, indeed, using their skills for the right thing.

Here are a few things that these professionals do for all of us who enjoy the sweet fruits of technology every day.

  1. Building a safe growth environment: The power of a cyber security professional drives the technological progress of our world. Without safe technologies, we would all be at the mercy of hackers. So the next time, we meet somebody studying for a CEH course, we know that they are going to contribute to our safety in the future. It is only with the help of information security professionals, that social media, artificial intelligence, internet of things and other such breakthrough technologies can become a part and parcel of our daily lives.
  2. Line of defense: Cybersecurity professionals form the line of defense against cyber attacks in our digital world. They protect our networks from getting intruded by malicious hackers, making sure no one is sniffing on our private conversations. It is because of these specialists of information security that whenever we use the internet or mobile devices, we know that we are not being watched through our cameras or getting tracked by the wrong people. Not just that, these digital soldiers also help protect our right to privacy ensuring that no one is taking undue advantage of our ignorance of data protection policies.
  3. Hacking for good: Hacking is not always for the worse. Ethical hackers hack for securing organisations from potential harm and damage. Their job is to do exactly what an ethical hacker does, but instead of exploiting the vulnerabilities, they report them to the owners so that they can fix them and make their technology safe for users. Without these experts, it will be pretty impossible for companies to deliver safe technologies in the hands of the masses and even if they do, developers wouldn’t be able to avoid the potential threat and attacks before it is too late. To get the best security you need a DNS Content Filter.
  4. Offering a good night’s sleep: Making people feel safe is an art as much as it is a service. Just like soldiers and police protect a nation and help the citizens sleep peacefully at night with the knowledge that they don’t have to worry about criminals attacking them, the same way, information security professionals work day in and day out to help netizens sleep a peaceful night’s sleep with the knowledge that no one is trying to break into their digital bank accounts or smart home devices.
  5. Responding to crisis: Another major role played by information security specialists is to act in time of crisis and help minimise the damage of a disaster as much as they can. When organisations get attacked and their humongous database is about to get leaked, it is these professionals who take charge and make sure that sensitive information of the public doesn’t go in the wrong hands. These incident responders also help us retrieve our lost or damaged data from our devices in case of cyber incidents.

Guess it’s time to say thanks to cybersecurity professionals. We couldn’t enjoy the benefits of living in the 21st century without you.

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