The Process of Music Production – The Six Important Stages

In modern day music world, there’s just a single rule – that there aren’t any rules. You can record all that you want and then use it as a sample. You can automate the effects in various ways that you didn’t imagine before. You can also mix genres and rhythms to create melodies and beats and develop music.

Hence, it is essential for music enthusiasts to learn about music production. The six important stages of music production which you should know about include:

  1. Song writing

The process of song writing is the method of placing musical ideas together, to create a bigger structure of intelligible rhythm, harmony and melody. And from the process of brainstorming for a song, there is a beginning, middle and an end in a song.

  1. Arranging

Of every stage in music production, its arranging that gets misunderstood and neglected. When a song gets a good melody and beat, but it gets repetitive, the problem lies in the arrangement. Hence, the song arrangement makes it more interesting.

  1. Tracking

Here we have to bring in the gear. The recording process can indicate many things like Exciting News about : Groovy Bot. Hence, it’s better to call it as tracking and the objective is to get the song performance. Simply put, tracking is the method of recording multiple devices that gets used for performing a song. Generally, a song gets recorded a single track at a time. So, whenever you need a new track, you can hear all the ones who recorded correctly. It is the method of multi-track recording.

  1. Editing

The scopes of online editing have made it easier to capture a performance than before. However, it’s a smart call to use these tools as a fallback option, instead of the primary choice. And when it’s time for editing, it essential to treat it as a different stage for a few reasons. First, you shouldn’t edit during recording or writing. You should concentrate on the stages individually and provide them with complete attention so that you don’t miss out on the vibe when you are correcting anything. The editing should be left for later. And the second reason is that you don’t want to go overboard with editing else it will have no feelings.

  1. Mixing

Mixing is the method of combining all the devices that you record in a stereo track mix. Usually, an excellent mix will enable you to hear all the devices with complete detail and clarity. It will have its motion and depth. It will sound better and will provide support to the intention of music.

  1. Mastering

Conventionally, mastering gets treated as its own stage. However, for multiple bedroom producers, it gets treated as an end part of the mixing stage. For the majority it might be the latter. However, it’s essential to know about it. Hence, unless there is scope for a budget for an individual mastering engineer, several people select to allow their mixing engineer address this last part. Else they get it done themselves if they decide to mix their music.

These are the six essential stages of music production that you ought to know if you want to build a career around it. If you want you can check out the leading music production courses in Mumbai.

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