The Pros and Cons of Air Purification Systems

Really? There are cons to using air purification systems? We may have heard how excellent air purification systems are, but rarely learn about the disadvantages of using an air purifier are.

Air quality is an element in our homes that adds to how we enjoy our daily experiences inside our home and feel refreshed as we breathe clean air. We may not notice the positive effects it brings when our air quality is clean and purified, but when air is full of dust and other particulates, we quickly get affected. Most times, we shrug it off and open windows to solve the problem. However, opening windows is not a solution to this issue; if any, it might even worsen the situation by letting in more impurities in the air.

Air purification systems or air purifiers are solutions to sifting out impurities and other particulates. It’s advisable for every household to have air purifiers. But to help you better weigh whether you need one or not, here are some of the pros and cons of having an air purification system in your home:


Improved quality of breathing

There are households that do not have the quality of the air you need to have at home to be able to breathe correctly and to avoid health risks. Some families even have air quality that is more harmful than the air in the streets or construction sites. With air purifiers, the air you breathe can immensely improve.

Cleaner air

Microbe-sized elements unnoticeably float through the air around us and the air we breathe. Air can also contain fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Air purifiers are powerful devices that can eliminate these.

Protected Health

The cleaner the air is, the less exposed we are to health risks brought by air full of dust, pathogens, impurities, allergens, and such. Although these may be invisible to the naked eye, once inhaled, it may build up in your lungs and cause severe respiratory complications. People who have autoimmune diseases are highly susceptible to illnesses you can contract from air impurities. With this, air purifiers can play a significant role in protecting and preserving the health of everyone in your home when you purchase one.

Eliminated unpleasant odours

Foul odours are often caused by polluting substances in the air. As air purification systems sift out polluting elements, they also get to eliminate unpleasant odours.


Ozone emissions

Some types of purifiers intentionally emit ozone emissions as the component that eliminates bacteria and other air impurities. It can be harmful since it’s known as a component in smog.


Air purifiers use filters to clean out the air. These filters can either be disposable or reusable. If you have an air purifier that requires disposable ones, you will have to replace them regularly. For reusable filters or containers used to collect contaminants, you will also have to clean them regularly.

Above are the benefits of air purification systems, and we can see how much air purifiers can do for us. Now that you’ve understood its advantages and disadvantages, you will have to decide whether you need one or not. With the pandemic that we have, although COVID-19 is not airborne, you might want to consider purchasing one to ensure protection against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more.

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