Pop culture — what is it and what has it become? Since the beginning of mainstream media and the influence of social influencers, pop culture has become more apparent within the last decade. The new generation has made pop culture a staple in everyday trends, fast fashion clothing, and paid sponsorships of all kinds. But what has the rise of pop culture merch done for society? Consumers? Kids? Businesses? Pop culture has made its mark, and today we will explain just how influential the rise of pop culture merchandise has influenced buyers and sellers who have found many fashionable items both in-store and online.

Anime, Artists, TV Shows, Music, and More

Whether you’ve seen it on a shirt or on your phone screen, much of what he sees being displayed within the fashion industry has been seen on graphic tee shirts, baggy sweatshirts, and large pants. While we see a lot of sayings, pictures, and shoes with designs that would have never been seen before in previous years, we now know that these items have garnered lots of attention from the media; and this is because many businesses know that consumers young and old are willing to see just what the new ‘fashion fad’ is about at this point in time.

Ever heard your loved one ask, “What is that on your shirt? Is that from a cartoon?” Well, you’re not the first and most definitely not the last. Anime has been one of the main reasons that pop culture has risen to its peak performance and has drawn so many eyes onto its production. The world of anime has since boomed in viewers and readers and now fashion statements. You can find many common animes such as Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Naruto, or even Dragon Ball Z on large and skin-tight T-shirts in any mall or the retail shop where you regularly buy your clothes.

High-End Fashion Works With Pop Culture Too

What about brands such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Versace? How has the world of pop culture forced these long-standing companies into following the trends of the present and mixing them with the eloquence of its well-respected reputation? Well, for one thing, many have seen pop culture on shirts, TV shows, shoes, and pants. it is also the style that has become more apparent in recent years.

Musical artists such as Billie Eilish and Kanye West have since made impactful fashion statements since joining and remaining in the spotlight for so many years. Some might say that their style is questionable and not admirable while others might take Kanye’s infamous Yeezy shoes as a new addition to their growing shoes collection or Billie Eilish’s extremely baggy hoodies with Louis Vuitton patterns as the new ‘in-thing’ for teenagers around the world. Fashion comes in many forms and because of the world’s ever-changing opinions and styles, high-end brands must follow suit and present new ideas that still match what is here today.

One excellent example of this would be Marc Jacobs, The Tote Bag. A simplistic bag with a minimalist design in bold letters has been hooked around the arms of many individuals who have bought the bag for themselves. But why? Why is this bag so popular and what does it have that no other bag has? Well, not much. Instead, pop culture has made it where fashion should be more simple, comfortable, easy to maintain, yet still makes a statement of who the person is. The fashion world has noticed this and has taken a chance at creating styles more fitting for lots of individuals who have varying tastes in fashion.

Now that you know a little about pop culture and how it has such a powerful tool in creating new merchandise for many designers, think about how pop culture has influenced the world around you. Do you have the newest iPhone because it is the newest phone? Have you tried out new makeup looks because you’ve seen the look everywhere on social media sites? Whatever the reason may be, pop culture allows for different forms of expression. The Avid fan merchant is inspired by the merchandise created from pop culture that has allowed many to step into who they are and what they stand for individually. Pop culture may create fast fashion trends, but it has also allowed for many to find their own sense of individualism as well.

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