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Teamwork is the most crucial part of a successful event. Different individuals play different roles in making an event successful. If the entire team collaborates and works tirelessly, the event will be a successful one. Otherwise, it’s going to be a big failure, and your catering company will have to repent later.

This article will discuss the roles of an event planner and the caterer and help you understand how they do catering menu planning and collaborate to make an event successful. So, stay tuned and read this article to get to know how different people collaborate to make an event successful.

The Role of the Caterer

We all know that caterers can make or break a business meeting, exhibition, wedding reception, conference, or any other big event. Caterers are responsible for providing food and beverages and monitoring the staffing of servers, chefs, and overseeing the performance of all other staff members.

In addition to that, several caterers also handle event planning, decoration, audiovisual equipment setup, and other such tasks to make your event successful.

Caterers might be working independently or as employees of a hotel, conference center, or restaurant.  In either case, they are responsible for handling all the logistics tasks, arranging food, managing décor, and providing entertainment resources.

The Role of Event Planner

When the event planner meets the caterer, almost all of the preliminary work has been done. The event planner thoroughly understands the event, gets to know the purpose of the event, and understands the psyche of the arriving guests.

Depending on all these factors, the event planner plans the event. In addition to that, the event planner also keeps in mind the budget of the constraints. He makes sure to provide the best services within that budget frame.

It is somewhat the event planner’s responsibility to choose the right venue, suggest the best food, and provide all other relevant services that can make the event successful.

How is the Menu Decided?

Deciding the event menu is the most important part of event planning. Sometimes menu plays the most crucial role in making your event successful. To decide the menu, the event planner sits with the catering or banquet manager. In this meeting, the event planner and the catering manager sit together to do catering event planning.

For example, a formal business meeting that will take place in the afternoon may require lunch boxes, whereas a charity gals event demands a plated menu.

While doing event menu planning, the event planner and the caterer consider the psyche of guests who will be arriving, the budget, and other such conditions. The most significant advantage of this meeting is that the event planner and the caterer choose the best menu within the client’s budget range.

How the Catering Manager and the Event Planner Handle the Event in Collaboration?

Before the start of the event, the catering manager handles food responsibilities. He ensures that the entire staff is on duty and is performing his assigned task. In contrast, the event manager handles the décor and arrangement duties. He manages transportation and on-site parking, ensures audio-video equipment is working well, handles media, and takes care of last-minute changes.

The goal of both of these individuals is to make sure that the entire event turns out to be a successful one. That’s how catering managers and event planners work in collaboration to make an event successful.

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