Ready to look beyond your Uggs and Crocs? There are spring/summer 2022 shoe trends you should keep an eye out for. To help you get through the style transitions of spring and summer, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite trends for spring footwear for 2022.

The time for spring and summer styles is here!

Trend forecasters used to rely heavily on the catwalk to determine fashion trends for the upcoming season – but with so many “cool” people sharing their ideas of what’s cool right now over on TikTok and Instagram, it’s hard to know who you can trust in this day and age.

The catwalk still influences the fashion of spring 2022 and celebrities, but ordinary people may have a greater effect on the style. Fashion instagrammers often pick out folks showing off their sandals to give folks some Spring inspiration.

As we move through spring, it’s time for a refreshing change in footwear–and we want to make that transition as easy as possible for you!

Birkenstock Sandals

Rubber slides might sound, at first, like something you’d wear at a festival, but they’re actually great on the poolside or your holiday. They are easy to pop on and you can get different designs.

There are many brands that make these, though Birkenstock is worth your consideration; here’s why?

The Birkenstock Arizona sandal is a simple, and classically chic women’s sandal that combines comfort and style.

Birkenstock sandals are made of contoured, cork footbed topped with a layer of microfibre in the vegan collections and suede/leather in others. That provides extra cushioning, while reducing moisture next to your skin for added comfort. The footbeds cradle your foot for support, while the lightweight polyurethane outsole flexes and bends with each step.

Rubber sliders are the perfect addition to your beach outfit on a hot summer day. They slip on easily, and you can wear them for hours in the sun. Plus, there are tons of styles to choose from! They’re really popular right now.


The loafer is an item of footwear that looks great on the runways and elegant in the classroom. Loafers are versatile, easy to wear, and comfortable.

A good pair of loafers is the perfect solution because they’re so easy to wear. For the professional environment, loafers are a savvy choice because they offer you some versatility.

Not only are loafers appropriate for work, but they’re also extremely versatile and can be worn on weekends and dressed up or down depending on the vibe you’re going for. Loafers are the ideal shoe for any young professional looking to dance all night without worry of sore feet or blisters.

Once upon a time, loafers were reserved for cosy firesides. Now, more than ever before, you can find loafers in your favourite magazines and the streets of Paris.

Loafers are a sophisticated yet casual shoe that can transition from the office to off-duty. They are a comfort staple for any fashion conscious young professional.

The loafer is the shoe for you because it is comfortable to wear and can be worn with a variety of outfits.


Standing at a shorter height can sometimes leave you feeling less powerful. For days when you need to feel extra powerful, add an extra boost of height with platform shoes. When you need a confidence boost, wear platform shoes for a little extra height.

These womens shoes can go with many unique looks, unlike other footwear options that can only be worn with certain outfits. But when you’re not 5 foot 10 inches, it’s difficult to find proper platform heels.

Decide to try out a few different pairs of platform heels this spring. Choose from different colours, height and width—you’ll have no problem finding a pair that fills your style.

Wear platform heels with everything from jeans to evening dresses—the best part of spring is the versatility!

Treat yourself to a few pairs of platform heels—you might find you love them so much that the only thing you reach for the rest of spring is a few different colours of nail polish.


Womens trainers take on a new form with stylish, easy-to-wear designs that are even more comfortable and chic than before. Durable right every step of the way, these trendy shoes are perfect for work, play, or going out.

Trainers are a wardrobe hero. They look great with everything from summer dresses to high-waisted jeans. Oxfords, plimsolls, high-tops… Trainers are designed for so many purposes, and there are so many styles on offer that it’s hard to know which trainers to buy.

Women have been wearing trainers for years, but now the trend has crossed over from the gym to the catwalk. To nail this trend, you need to style up your shoes with ‘real’ clothes – not a tracksuit – and a designer handbag!

Don’t forget to add a cool label handbag.

If you want to make your trainers outfit-ready, style them with fashionable, comfortable clothes such as leather trousers, slouchy trouser suits, or swishy midi-skirts.  Trainers have become the footwear of choice for adding a touch of cool to any outfit, and an easy way to achieve this look.

Pointed-toe mules

Mules have been a style staple for years. Whether paired with a leather skirt or a mini dress, they are the ultimate in comfort and ensure that your feet never get too hot. This year, mules have undergone a makeover at various catwalks with pointed-toe versions everywhere.

Not only does this trend add shape to an outfit, but it also lends an elevated touch.

Pointed-toe mules like kitten heel mules are trending right now.

Pointed-toe versions of the classic mule have been spotted on various catwalks recently, and they’re a summer must-have. Not only do pointy-toes make your feet look longer and slimmer – they also stop your toes from getting squashed in the shoe.

Pointed-toe mules are an easy way to instantly improve an outfit, no matter how busy you are, and ensure that your feet won’t overheat. They make an effortless style upgrade for any spring outfit.

Choose your comfy Spring footwear

For your Spring footwear choices for the types above, you will see fantastic items from the links. Spring fashion is all about fun, flirty footwear. Time to choose yours if you’re yet to get a new pair of shoes or trainers.

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