Salesforce has become one of the most popular and perspective career choices today. Certified Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers are the most sought-after IT professionals in the modern market.

A certified Salesforce developer or a Salesforce Admin’s salary significantly exceeds the average annual wage worldwide.

However, any successful career starts with proper training and internationally acknowledged Certification. In this article, we shall talk about the 10 most popular institutes that provide the best Salesforce training programs and assist their aspirants in Salesforce Certification.

CRS Info Solutions

CRS Info Solutions is one of the pioneers of Salesforce learning and Salesforce Certification with over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful qualified Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers trained in this institution.

CRS Info Solutions offer Salesforce CRM Certification training for Salesforce admins (201) and Salesforce Platform Developers (DEV 401).

The online course consists of 3 essential modules:

  • Salesforce Admin,
  • Salesforce Developer,
  • LWC – Lightning Web Component.

The studies include all the necessary information to become a qualified Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer. Moreover, the online Salesforce Certification program 2022 from CRM Info Solutions provides all the necessary assistance and training to allow you to gain an international Salesforce Certificate, becoming the most sought-after candidate in the modern Salesforce job market.

The faculty consists of certified Salesforce Developers and Salesforce Admins with over 10 years of experience in CRM and related fields. They provide sufficient hands-on experience and practical assignments from real-life businesses to let you build a professional portfolio and approach your Salesforce Certification exam with all the knowledge and expertise necessary to become an internationally certified Salesforce professional.


Trailhead is another reputable name in the industry id Salesforce training in Certification in 2022. It offers the essential salesforce training modules like salesforce Admin, Salesforce Developer, and LWC in a convenient, guided online form.

The studies are flexible and self-guided and are adapted according to your level of knowledge, professional background, and the amount of time you are ready to dedicate to your salesforce training and Certification.

The salesforce training program from Trailhead is guided by experienced and certified Salesforce professionals from all over the world and prepares aspirants for the Salesforce Certification upon the end of studies to make them competitive candidates for salesforce positions in world-leading companies.


Udemy is famous worldwide as a place to go for all sorts of training and studies, including Salesforce. Here you can find Salesforce training courses for beginners who want to enter the world of Salesforce and seasoned Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers who want to prepare for Salesforce Certification.

All the Salesforce training programs from Udemy are self-guided and can take from several hours to several weeks, depending on your personal pace and the chosen methods. Here you get a chance to learn from experienced Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Admins, CRM experts, and speakers from all over the world.


Simplilearn offers a Salesforce certification training program that prepares qualified Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers.

The online Salesforce Certification training course provides self-paced learning with 24/7 access to all the study materials and 30 hours of hands-on practice with Salesforce Lightning. During their studies, aspirants also fulfill over 20 practical assignments.

The salesforce certification training program provides all the necessary knowledge and practical experience for the Salesforce Administrator Exam and the Salesforce App Builder Exam that allow you to become a certified Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer.


This online salesforce certification training program last from 6 to 8 weeks and prepares Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers ready for the modern competitive Salesforce job market.

The studies are focused on Sales & Service Cloud, Apex Programming, Salesforce Lightning, etc. The instructor-led online classes provide all the essential knowledge of Salesforce and Cloud Computing as well as practical assignments that allow me to fully prepare for the Salesforce Certification Exam.


At their Salesforce certification training course, MindMajix offers a combination of live online classes with 24/7 access to video study materials for the aspirants’ convenience.

The studies include all the fundamental knowledge of Salesforce, Visualforce, Apex, Triggers, etc., as well as over 20 hours of practical assignments that prepare aspirants for the Salesforce Certification exam and allow them to become Certified Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers upon the ned of their studies.


This salesforce certification training program consists of over 30 hours of lectures and instruction-let training and over 50 hours of practical assignments that allow the future salesforce admins and salesforce developers receive the necessary knowledge and practical experience to approach their Salesforce certification exams as Salesforce Administrator (ADM 201) and Platform App Builder (DEV 402).

The main benefits of this salesforce certification training are a flexible schedule and lifetime access to all the study materials, which allows every aspirant to determine how much time it will take them to become certified salesforce admins and salesforce developers in 2022.


The world-famous platform for professionals in all fields offers a wide range of training programs, including salesforce certification training for Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers of all levels.

Here you can find courses guided by acknowledged experts in Salesforce from all over the world. Upon the end of the studies, you receive downloadable certificates that you can add to your profile resume and easily share with prospective employers on the very same platform.


It is another popular online platform for studies and training in different fields. Today Coursera offer online salesforce certification training as well.

The studies are guided by experienced Salesforce Admins and Salesforce Developers as well as acknowledged experts in LWC, cloud computing, sales, business development and analytics. The studies allow you to make an informed decision about your further development as a salesforce professional and get the necessary knowledge to approach advanced salesforce certification training in 2022.


This salesforce certification training program is aimed at salesforce admins and Salesforce developers who want to approach the international salesforce certification exams, as well as companies and teams who are looking for group studies to create a modern and efficient CRM environment within their existing collective.

The instructor-led training allows aspirants to adjust their knowledge and experience in Salesforce according to the level necessary for taking the Salesforce Certification exam and maintaining their salesforce certification in 2022.


Salesforce certification is not only a competitive advantage for today`s salesforce admins and salesforce developers but a mandatory requirement for candidates from the world-leading and most prosperous employers.

Being a qualified Salesforce Developer or Salesforce Admin in 2022 means demonstrating an advanced level of knowledge, skills, and dedication to the profession that will allow you to offer the most efficient CRM solutions, making you the most sought-after IT professional.

A proper salesforce certification training is your door towards the most prominent career ecosystem of the century that offers independence and constant development in the rapidly changing market.

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