The Top 3 Ways Technology is Making an Impact in Classrooms Worldwide

Technology has changed the way students in the classroom think and interact with the learning materials like those on Bentham Science. Increased availability of modern, high-performing devices has made communication, teaching, and learning a more profound experience for students and teachers. But what, specifically, is it about technological advancements that have impacted classrooms worldwide? This article explores the answer to that question in depth.

  1. 3D printing fuels creativity

As creativity is the foundation for which all students learn successfully, the evolution and acceptance of 3D printing in education have fueled the creative projects of many students in classrooms. Whether in college or high school, few experiences are as rewarding as a student’s ability to hold their own rendered model in their hands. Among the top benefits? Confidence is improved as students learn more creative strategies for using technology in the future.

  1. Social media engages students for longer

Social media can engage an entire classroom with resources, supplementary materials, and guided insight. What’s common in social media for education? Livestreaming and broadcasting, the point of which is to keep students interested and invested in pursuing their studies. Social media can keep students updated on relevant changes to the syllabus, major announcements, guidance for tests and exams, and feedback on individual assignments. Social media will always have an impact.

  1. Game-based learning assists in multiple learning outcomes

Students can always look forward to the excitement that comes with playing a game and learning at the same time. Game-based learning lets students control their academics by using game settings to simulate potential learning objectives. As game-based learning is about applying gaming principles to real-life settings, students can go beyond the old days of boring classrooms and topics they can’t remember. Game-based learning will continue to assist students in achieving their learning objectives.

Social media, game-based learning, and 3D printing are the future of technology in education and educators should look at resources like Bentham Open to find projects and information to create opportunities like these for their students..

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