The Top 4 Drilling Tools You Need as a Drillmaster

Drillmasters are often seen as the invisible heroes of any oil and gas company. They monitor extraction activities, solve frequent accidents and surveys without fail, and help maintain a safe working environment.

Safe and efficient drilling also depends on drillmasters using the best tools – from – possible when executing their tasks. It is common knowledge that “buying the wrong drill is like buying eggs in case they’re overripe”.

These 4 tools below are crucial to anyone’s drilling toolkit:

#1 Brace and Bit:

A brace drill is a drilling tool that is used to drill holes. It consists of a handle, a drill bit at one end, and a brace connecting the bit to the handle.

The drill is held in one hand while pushing and turning the brace with the other hand. The use of braces has been documented as early as ancient Greece, where it was used for carving stone sculptures. Braces were also commonly used by Arabs mining salt in Middle East regions around 1400 AD.

The brace and bit drilling tool are often used by blacksmiths, machinists, carpenters and do-it-yourselfers. But they are not limited to these professions; they can also be found in many different industries including manufacturing facilities or on construction sites.

#2 Pointing Device:

Pointing devices are drilling tools that help in determining the position of a drill bit or other tool at a specific location. A pointing device may be secured to the drill or some other working machine, and the point at which the drill is directed is determined by the position of a pointer on this device.

The use of pointing devices in mining, geology and construction dates back to 6000 BC. These devices were first used for surveying purposes but are now mainly used to accurately determine a drilling point. The advent of handheld computers made these devices even more popular because they could store data from previous jobs, allowing for improved efficiency when carrying out repetitive tasks. The present day pointing device is commonly found on construction sites and in mines but has also started being used for surveying purposes once again.

#3 Wiping Rake:

Builder and drillers use this tool so that they can produce a thin layer of earth layer for laying cables.

There are some people in the industry that suggest that it is rapidly being replaced by heavy duty irrigation systems taking over the field. This can be attributed to the high prices of constructing drilling rigs and the need for more maintenance.

#4 Cementing Hose and Tubing

Cementing hoses and tubing are the backbone of plumbing, they are equally as important as the drill bits or hammer drills.

Hoses and Tubing can be easily attached to a variety of items like hollow cement piping, radii pipe ends, sweep joints etc.

On residential estates, you’ll also find more modern accessories utilizing foam collars – Hose Reels and Tubing Dispensers. Depending on what kind of construction materials (Concrete Cutter) you’re using for your fencing project, a hose reel would be advantageous to keep the hose clean after you’re finished working with it.


Drilling machine tools are some pieces of equipment needed for drilling. Drillmasters may find themselves in need of some extra tools in a situation that demands flexibility. The aforementioned top 4 qualities tools are what you need as a drillmaster.

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