The Top Rocky Mountain Landmarks

The Rocky Mountain National Park is a part of the Rocky Mountains Front Range in Colorado – it is home to various animal species, multiple lakes, snow-capped peaks, hundreds of hiking trails, waterfalls, and dense forests.

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Things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park

From exploring Alberta Falls to Bear Lake, you will find a lot to do here in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here are a few of the top attractions.

Longs Peak

Called the best point to view enchanting sunsets in Rocky Mountain National Park – Longs Peak is also the national park’s highest point. It is almost 10 miles from the nearest town in Colorado and a popular getaway for locals. Longs Peak is known for various hiking trails; you can do some hiking yourself by getting registered to a hiking party or with a local guide. Scaling the peak is considered a difficult task, don’t forget to carry all the necessary gear and safety toolkit.

Bear Lake

This particular lake finds its origin way back to thousands of years; some speculate the Ice Age. The lake lies at an elevation of 9500 feet close to Hallett Peak. You will come across various hiking trails, walking spaces, and recreational areas. Don’t be surprised if you get fascinated by the lake’s beauty and extend your planned stay here – take several photos of the memorable moments.

Alberta Falls

Take a short hike up the creek to Alberta Falls; the hike is worth the effort because you end up at a place nothing short of paradise. Crystal clear water flows through the falls; you can take pictures posing alongside the massive boulders or wet your legs in the not-so-deep part of the falls. Loch Vale, Mills Lake, and Glacier Gorge Junction Trailhead are some nearby tourist spots – hike towards them.

Awesome eating places near Rocky Mountain National Park?

Head out to a tavern or go to a cafe that serves delicious American food. Here is our take on the top eating places you can find when you’re in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern

The Rock Inn is a quiet little place in 1675 CO-66, Estes Park – it features mesmerizing views of the national park area. The interior features wood-carved furniture, wooden sculptures, and a rugged setting suitable for every visitor looking for a brunch or dinner. You can start with spicy hot wings or a chickpea stew and proceed to the main course with pan-seared trout, red sauce pasta, and greek salad. Don’t forget to try the classic beers served here – occasional live music makes your experience better.

Notchtop Bakery & Cafe

Are you looking for a filling breakfast before your tedious hiking schedule? Notchtop Cafe is the ideal place for you, addressed at 459 E Wonderview Ave #5, Estes Park. The place features a simple setting and seating arrangement – you get a calming view of the mountain range. Notchtop Bakery and Cafe is known to serve GMO-free organic food and ingredients. You can order a double egg omelet or scrambled eggs, with a side of English muffins, sauteed potatoes, and a jar of our favorite fruit juice.

What are some other notable points to see in Rocky Mountain National Park?

  • Dream Lake
  • Trail Ridge Road
  • Emerald Lake
  • Sprague Lake
  • Wild Basin
  • Hallett Peak
  • Ouzel Falls
  • Mount Ida
  • Moraine Park
  • Rainbow Curve Overlook


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