There are plenty of reasons why you may need to – or want to – charter a private jet. At the same time, you are probably looking for ways to make this mode of transport just a bit more affordable for you. If so, here are the main tactics that you can try out:

Compare and Contrast Costs

Not all private jet companies will quote the same prices. This is because not all of them will have the same clientele. Some companies may largely cater to business people or frequent flyers. Others, however, may only seek celebrity clientele.

Companies that deal with the more average customer are likely to quote more affordable prices for you. Due to this, you shouldn’t automatically go with the first company that you find. Instead, do a little bit of digging and research and discover which company may serve you best of all.

Fly as a Group

If you want to head to a particular destination, then check if anyone else would like to join you on this trip as well. Depending on the size of the aircraft, you can easily take several passengers. This gives you the opportunity to split the cost between each person.

This idea will actually appeal to a lot of people. When split evenly, you may find that the cost per person is less than a first-class ticket! To add to this, private air travel offers many other benefits such as less hassle and more comfort. Due to this, you should be able to easily find people to join. Just make sure to start your search ahead of time.

Look for Empty Return Flights

One of the cheapest options available to you is Toronto empty leg flights – or any empty return flights, really. This is when the private jet has to return to its original destination but there is no one on the flight. As the private jet company doesn’t want to waste money, they will offer these flights for cheaper.

Due to this, always check if such flights are available with the company that you wish to make a booking with. You could end up saving a pretty penny this way and may actually be able to travel more frequently as well.

Know the Cheapest Time to Fly

As with regular flights, private air travel may be busier during certain months. This is true during the summer and holiday seasons. Since there will be a greater demand for flights during these months, the cost per flight will inevitably be more.

Therefore, it is best if you plan any trips that you want to take during off peak months. When things begin to slow down, a lot of private jet companies will lower their prices accordingly. They may even have certain offers so that you can make your trip even more affordable.

Follow the tips mentioned here and you will discover that private air travel is far more affordable than you could have imagined. Make sure to use these tactics each time that you would like to fly on a private plane.

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