The Transformation of Popular Logos

Logos are the most recognizable identity a brand can have. Customers can easily identify a brand by looking at its logo. Logo redesigning is common with businesses across the globe. If you look into the logo history of big brands like Apple, Ford, Shell, Nike, etc. you will find that all the brands have changed their brand identity from time to time. Some have tweaked their old logos because of the introduction of new products or services, and some made changes in their logo design to give their brand identity a fresh and modern look. Let’s have a look at the some big brands who have transformed their logos in the recent years:

  • MailChimp:

MailChimp is one of the top marketing automation and email marketing platform. By partnering up with Collins, the brand revealed its new brand identity in 2018. The new logo features a Freddie icon that has been placed before the company name. The script has also been changed from upper-case to lower-case. The yellow color in the background provides a fun and sophisticated look to the design.

  • Dunkin’:

In 2018, the international baked goods and coffee chain dropped the word ‘donuts’ from their name. The new identity has been designed by the famous design agency ‘Jones Knowles Ritchie.’ The logo features only Dunkin with an apostrophe. The coffee cup is no longer a part of the logo. The best thing about the new logo is that it has the same color (pink and orange) and iconic typography.

  • Visa:

Visa is a worldwide digital payment network that links customers, financial institutions, governments, and companies to make quick, safe, and reliable electronic payments in more than 200 nations and territories. A few years back, the brand revealed its new logo with a new tagline ‘It’s everywhere you want to be.’ The major difference between the new and old logo is that in the new logo the designer has removed the yellow flap, which was there on the letter V. Also, the color in the old logo was faded blue, which was replaced by dark blue.

  • MasterCard:

After 20 years, since its inception, MasterCard made changes in its logo design in 2016.The updated logo is an excellent example of how to successfully redesign a logo. In the new logo, the brand has retained its signature circles and colors. The major difference is the removal of stripes between the two circles. The designer replaced that with a solid block of orange color. Also, the bold white text has been replaced with the bold color in FF Mark typeface – all in lowercase and positioned outside the symbol.

  • Zara:

The Spanish fashion brand introduced its new brand identity a few months back. Unlike its old version, the new logo connects each letter of the brand. The letters ‘Z’ and ‘R’ have prominent curves. The designer has kept the same color in the logo. Though many companies these days are opting for minimalistic logo design, Zara deviates from the current trends and comes up with a design that looks classic and timeless; much like high-end fashion brands.

  • Uber:

In 2018, Uber abandoned its logo and revealed its new identity. Earlier, the brand name was written in capital letters on black background. But in the new logo design, the brand has symbolized itself as more friendly by keeping the letter ‘U’ in uppercase and the rest in lower format. The designer has kept the background and logo color same. Talking about the typography, well, the designer has used Uber Move san-serif font type because the typeface is globally known for transportation signage.

  • Airbnb:

If you look into the history of the brand’s logo, you will find that it has redesigned its logo many times. The recent change in the logo was made in 2016. The designer has created a new logo by joining the four different icons. And the best thing is that all these icons have different meanings – a head representing individuals, a location icon, a heart for love, and then A for Airbnb. The designer has also made changes in the background color. The blue color has been replaced with coral red color. Overall, the logo looks great, and the changes seem to be beneficiary to the company.

  • YouTube:

In 2017, YouTube introduced a significant change across all its platforms by updating its new logo design. It was for the first time in 12 years, the brand made changes in its logo. In the old logo, the second half of the brand name was covered with a light red rounded rectangle. But in the new logo, the brand shifted the focus from that red rounded rectangle to ‘play’ button. The ‘play’ button has been positioned inside the brighter red color. Talking about the font, well, the designer has kept the font style same. Overall, the logo looks fresh, clean, and modern.

  • Instagram:

In 2016, Instagram ditched its old Polaroid-inspired camera logo with a simple, modern, and colorful logo. The logo was redesigned to represent the growth and huge opportunities that the brand holds within it. Though the new design is simple, it is incredibly effective. The best thing about the new logo is that it is easily recognizable.

  • The Guardian:

The Guardian is a British newspaper that came into existence in 1821. At the beginning of 2018, the brand introduced its new logo. The new design focus on the replacement of white and blue paper masthead with black calligraphy. In comparison to the older version, the new logo has the taller and more pointed typeface. As per the brand editor-in-chief – the new design is simple, confident, and impactful. Having a monochrome word type does not indicate that the company is adieu to its vibrant character. Lively colors and the esteemed Guardian visual style will remain at the heart of the look. In general, the new design is giving a fresh look to the newspaper and is attracting the attention of millions of readers.


Things change with time. To survive in the industry, companies have to amendments as per the requirement. And these amendments are not only restricted to policies, products or services but in appearance too. So if you are also planning to create a new logo design or make changes in the current design, then use online logo maker tool. The tool lets users create a logo within minutes.

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