The Truth About Sports Drinks: Are They Really Healthy?

It’s easy to get hooked on hydration drinks like Powerade or Gatorade. But do you know what you’re getting? Drinking sports beverages can lead to weight gain if it’s not done correctly.

Are sports drinks healthy?

The Good

There are many benefits to sports rehydration drinks. The commercials that claim “he/she has suffered a lot and water will not make it up” are true to some extent. Electrolytes are salts and ions that are found in sports drinks. You sweat out both water and these ions, which is why you feel the burnt sensation in your eyes. This salt cannot be reabsorbed by drinking water. Sports drinks are a great way to hydrate.

The Bad

These little drinks are full of sugar. The 12 oz. The bottle I am looking at contains 21 grams of sugar and 80 calories, which isn’t good for your waistline. This bottle is also smaller than the average. Usually, a full bottle contains 1.5-2 servings. But who wants to save the rest for later?

Do you need to drink rehydration drinks?

It all depends on the purpose of the juice. A rehydration drink is a better choice if you are looking for a sweeter alternative to water. There are occasions and places to drink sports drinks.

Before Exercise

A sports drink may benefit you if you are doing an endurance sport that takes more than an hour. It is important not to drink too much as it can upset your stomach.

During Exercise

If you are doing endurance activities and sweat a lot, then a sports drink might be best. Your body will require fuel to run a marathon, triathlon or other endurance events.

After Exercise

Fast absorbing sugars should be consumed immediately after exercise. You have a limited time window to consume sugary snacks and beverages when your muscles are under stress.

Do You Need a Sports Drink?

You don’t usually need a sports drink. Salt can be easily obtained from foods, and milk has an adequate number of electrolytes. Plus, milk contains high-quality protein. You can’t run a marathon while carrying around milk. So, make sure you have a drink Hydration Supplements for your body and keep you fuelled up during endurance events.

How to Get the Best Sports Drink

Gatorade and Powerade can’t be substituted for water. Although some people dilute their Gatorade, I wouldn’t say I like the taste. Instead, sip Gatorade or Powerade with two sips of water.

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