The types of online slots explained

We are in a whole new era of slot machines, physical machines gave as much as they could, but with the age of the internet people are flocking online to gain that rush of the casino that they cannot visit, and due to the increase in demand new slots and games have arrived en masse. From straight up spin to win, progressive jackpots, Microgaming and daily bonus games there are a multitude of games that you can play, but just what can you expect from all these games. Want to play some slots at a situs slot online (online slots site)? Let us explain the different types of slots that are available.

Classic Slots: Back to the basics, all you have to do is match three of the same symbols, be it fruit, bells or gems and you win, line up three of the bonus symbols and you multiply your win as well as bonus’ such as free spins, making a small win into a big payday.

Multi-pay line slots: Similar to the classic format but with the twist that you match up multiple types of symbols to win multiple prizes, with greater reels comes greater opportunity to win big. These slots have multiple prizes with multiple ways of winning. These slots, unlike the classic ones, have up to 243 different ways to win the jackpots but the more reels and jackpots means a higher risk.

Bonus spins and mini games: Many online slots now have mini games and bonus’ built into them if you match a certain number of matches then you can enter into the mini games to win free spins and bonus’. These mini games give the players something more to work towards, and with these promising opportunities come even greater rewards and the biggest wins. These more expansive and deep games offer a more exciting and enticing experience for the player making for a more dynamic game. Double daily jackpot slots offer something similar, bonus prizes and free spins are attracting huge amounts of new players, offering the biggest rewards on a daily basis from the more exciting games. However, despite offering the biggest rewards, they also have the biggest risks with players placing all hope of finding the bonus’ to win big.

Progressive Jackpot slots: Bonus’, multi play games and classic slots, if your luck holds out and you have the nerves to hold out you can win big. Progressive jackpot slots however are the only slots that offer pure lifechanging rewards. The more players play the more they win, in essence these are the best forms of online slots, however, they are extremely difficult to win with the smallest odds, but often requiring the highest stakes making it the riskiest as well as most profitable.

3D and VR slots: Without sounding like I have been living under a rock for the past decade, VR and 3D technology are becoming ever more increasingly popular, . Opening up an entire new avenue of online slots despite being incredibly young and not too numerous and are sitting on the fence of either renovating the entire online slot experience or fading away with ‘experts’ suggesting it could go either way.

The entire online slot experience is a vast and deep ocean of entertainment ranging from the low stakes and simpler classic games through to the high stakes life changing pay out games of the progressive jackpots and high bonus payouts.

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