The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Phone Cases

You may have seen those phone cases that also double as a wallet, but can you handle the bulk that comes from having that in your pocket or purse? Do you want to protect a heavy-duty case but find that you can’t see your screen effectively? Everyone has a preference when it comes to the different types of phone cases.

Let’s breakdown the pros and cons of each type to help you decide what phone case fits your style.

Simple Case

These cases for phones are just that, simple and do nothing fancy. They help protect the case.

The benefit of utilizing one of these cases is the variety of material that you can choose. You can have one case with a wooden back and then switch up to one made of fabric the next day.

For those looking for an eco friendly phone case and can’t decide what material falls into that category, check out the link.

Wallet Case

Choosing out of the different phone cases can be hard when you start to throw out versatility. Phone cases that double as wallets have become more common to cut down on the amount of space and items you need to carry.

These fall into two categories, the wallets that attach to the back and don’t offer any protection or the full-on wallets with a phone slot embedded into them.

Heavy-Duty Case

The best phone case for those that tend to drop theirs is the heavy-duty case. These cases will have a bulky design with the intention of protecting your phone if it falls.

They also offer extra grip to help prevent those times where the phone slips out of your hand. Those with glass phones on the front and back should consider these cases, as they’re designed to break first before your phone does.

Photo Cases

Photo cases are another versatile case that offers the option to add a lens over your phone camera. You can then use different lenses to create different effects, like fish-eye or a wide-angle shot.

You attach the lens to your case where the lens protrudes and call it a day. This can be handy for those that use their phone’s camera every day or as a device for filming.

The Different Types of Phone Cases Differ From Person To Person

Now that you know about the types of phone cases, you should take the time to go and buy one. You don’t want the phone you bought to be suddenly be destroyed because it fell out of your hands and the screen shattered. You can always switch out the case in the event you don’t like it.

If you want to learn more about protecting your tech, then you should check out the rest of the blog. Do you know someone that never protects their phone? Send this article to them to show them their options.

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