The Ultimate Guide to Types of Kratom Strains

Also known as a natural opioid, kratom is a leafy substance that originates from Southeast Asia and used by the natives for many years. The leaves of the kratom tree are extracted dried and used in tea and beverages to treat different conditions like opioid dependence, chronic pain, and opioid withdrawal. The product is also used to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. In Kratom Country, you can get the product in various forms. You can consume kratom as Vietnam Kratom Capsules, leaves, or powder, depending on what you want. Here is a short guide on the different types of kratom strains.

How Does It Work?

Kratom behaves like other opioids like morphine and heroin. However, since opioids are addictive and cause different health and social problems, many people use kratom as an alternative. It is used in low doses and as an energizer or stimulant. In high doses, kratom can act as a sedative for pain relief. Other benefits of kratom include helping in fatigue, high blood pressure, diarrhea, pain, muscle ache, and more.

The Main Types of Kratom Strains

The characteristics of the final product of kratom leaves depend on where the tree was grown and the period its leaves were harvested. These different characteristics form the main strains of kratom. In short, each strain of kratom has distinct physiological and physical characteristics. When choosing the best strain, it is crucial to know the different types and how each type of strain works. Normally, the name of a strain comes from its origin. Here is a list of the species categorized in strains and colors.

  1. Maeng Da

This kind of strain comes from Thailand and is considered one of the strongest strains. It enhances mood and boosts energy and that is why it is a perfect alternative for caffeine. This strain has high potency. Therefore, users should take it in small doses. In high doses, Maeng Da is very effective in managing anxiety and reducing pain. Other possible effects of this strain include increased self-esteem and talkativeness.

  1. Malay

Even though this strain is not as powerful as Maeng Da when it comes to controlling anxiety and relieving pain, it is a strong stimulant that helps in getting rid of tension. It also has high potency and long duration when combined with other strains. Specifically, Green Malay is effective in improving focus and improving attention. In high doses, Malay is used as a sedative.

  1. Vein Kratom

This strain consists of parts of the kratom tree that were not used before. However, recently, users discovered that the stem and veins of the tree contained similar effects to the leaves. Therefore, crushed leaves, stems, and veins have proved to provide mood-enhancement and calming effects.

  1. Borneo

You can also call it Bali Kratom due to its origin. If you want to know the most sedative kratom strain, this is the one. The Borneo strain is highly effective in treating stress and anxiety due to its smooth characteristics. Borneo is one of the most relaxing strains with euphoric sensation effects. It also helps in treating pain, anxiety, and depression. This kind of strain also helps in boosting energy compared to other strains.

  1. Sumatra

This type of strain originates from the Sumatra part of Indonesia. It is an excellent sleep stimulator and stress reliever. Normally, this strain has longer effects than any other kratom strain. The strain is also known for energy-boosting and euphoric effects. Even though Sumatra is not as strong as other kratom strains, it has a long duration and pleasant effects.

Various Colors of Kratom Strains

As mentioned earlier, kratom strains are differentiated by where the tree was grown and the time the leaves were harvested. Similarly, the strains are also indicated by different colors or leaves. You will come across three main colors of kratom leaves.

  1. Green Kratom

The Green Kratom is the color between white and red kratom. This strain offers almost the same effects as those of the white kratom. It is harvested in the middle stage of the kratom tree. The leaves are dried indoor first then exposed to sunlight to complete the process. They have a subtle effect but are considered an effective stimulant. Green kratom is best for energy-boosting like white kratom. It also provides mental focus.

  1. White Kratom

This strain is harvested from young trees and created for users who need an uplifting experience. The strain is harvested when the tree is young and the veins still white. The leaves are then dried in total darkness. Since the white kratom is harvested during the early stages, it contains the highest potency except for Maeng Da. It might, therefore, provide unpleasant experiences for amateurs, but pleasing ones for advanced users. White vein kratom is known to produce mild stimulant effects and increased alertness and energy when used in low quantities.

  1. Red Kratom

This is probably the most popular strain of kratom. It is best used because of its sedative properties. Normally, red kratom is harvested from mature trees and contains the highest content. The leaves are dried and processed in excess sunlight and also go through fermentation to produce bentuangie. Red kratom is a mild stimulant, and this property makes it more approachable for beginners than red or white kratom. It is best for calmness and pain relief.

The Takeaway!

These are the different varieties of kratom strains. With so many options, it is best to know the right strain for you. The good thing is that you can always choose based on what you prefer and why you want to use it. What works for you might not work for another person. Therefore, it is best to find your ideal strain and sample the different qualities. Hopefully, this article has helped you discover the different strains and get you started on your selection process. You can always use this guide to help you to choose the right strain based on what you want to treat. If you have any questions, it is best to ask the best kratom experts you know.

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